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Steel Enclosure

Steel Enclosure

JCL’s steel enclosure is a reliable solution for safeguarding sensitive machinery, equipment and electronics. We manufacture steel enclosures from high-quality materials like carbon steel, stainless steel or mild steel to fit with any challenging environment like manufacturing factories, or outdoor infrastructure.

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Types of Steel Enclosure JCL manufactures

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  • Electrical Enclosure
    Electrical Enclosure

    JCL’s electrical enclosure ensures secure housing of electronic components and devices. They can serve in the most challenging environment with frequency range of 1 MHz to 10 GHz.

  • NEMA Rated Enclosure
    NEMA Rated Enclosure

    JCL’s NEMA rated enclosures give protection against dust, water and corrosion and prevent the physical damage of your equipment.

  • IP Rated Enclosure
    IP Rated Enclosure

    We produce all kinds of IP rated enclosures like IP 65 enclosure, IP 66, 67 and 68 enclosures. These steel enclosures are suitable for sensitive machineries and outdoor usage.

  • Steel Junction Box
    Steel Junction Box

    JCL’s steel junction box provides shelter to electrical wire and cables securely. Our stainless steel junction box safeguard electrical connection and terminals from any accidental damage.

  • Modular Enclosure
    Modular Enclosure

    JCL’s modular enclosure gives options for seamless integration and installation. Our design block system of modular enclosure allows you to expand and modify it according to need.

  • Wall Mounted Enclosure
    Wall Mounted Enclosure

    JCL’s wall mounted enclosure not only provides housing to electrical and electronic components but also saves space. Because these can directly attach with the wall compactly.

  • Outdoor Enclosure
    Outdoor Enclosure

    JCL’s outdoor enclosure is designed with robust construction and high quality steel materials to safeguard your electrical and electronic components from UV rays, dust and rain.

  • Indoor Enclosure
    Indoor Enclosure

    JCL’s indoor enclosure is a reliable solution for secure housing for electrical, IT and automation components of indoor settings such as factories, data centers and offices.

  • Lockable Enclosure
    Lockable Enclosure

    JCL’s lockable enclosure offers unbreakable security to your sensitive equipment. Our lockable enclosure has a secure locking mechanism to save your equipment from unauthorized access.

JCL’s Steel Enclosure Product Specification

JCL’s Steel Enclosure Product



Steel Gauge

14-gauge (2mm)

12-gauge (2.8mm)

10-gauge (3.4mm)


Powder-coated finish for corrosion resistance


Can customize design, size, color and material

Mounting Options

Floor mount

Wall mount

Ceiling mount

Additional Features

Locking mechanism


Other customizable options


36" W x 24" D x 18" H

Customization option available


JCL’s Manufacturing Techniques for Steel Enclosure

  • We use our steel fabrication tools like laser cutting, automated welding  to cut, bend and shape the sheet metal for manufacturing metal enclosures in different shapes and sizes.

  • For manufacturing strong and durable steel enclosure boxes we use advanced welding techniques.

  • We apply powder powder-coated finish and conduct salt spray tests at the surface of our steel enclosures to make them long-lasting and corrosion-resistant.

  • At JCL, we use modular design techniques for easy assembly and customization of our stainless steel enclosures.

  • We thoroughly do the quality inspection of all the metal enclosures including the ultrasonic weld testing, checking dimensional accuracy and surface roughness testing.

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JCL’s Manufacturing Techniques for Steel Enclosure
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