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Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Over the past 20 years, JCL has served hundreds of customers, gaining significant practical experience and technical data. Our company started with just a few people, and the founding team addressed on-site technical issues such as tool assembly, parameter settings, and post-production processes. As our team grew, clear department responsibilities were established, and specific roles were defined from the beginning of each project. We can provide comprehensive and satisfactory answers to our customers with a focus on technical quality. Whether you are domestic or international, we ensure timely and effective communication, addressing pain points and offering solutions. Our customers primarily spans various industries, each with unique requirements for metal stamping products. These are the solutions our company excels in providing:


Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronic products mean extreme lead time, top quality standard and flawless delivery. JCL has a strong team that built in numerous challenging projects. We constantly grow our ability in this rapid evolving business.
Application in Consumer Electronics

Mechanical Hardware

There are a wide variety of application in mechanical hardware industry, JCL is able to provide lean solution from material selection, tooling design, production planning and quality management. We also adjust our manufacturing strategy while you have strict requirement for cost, time and shipments.
Applications of Metal Stamping in Mechanical Hardware

Electronic & Telecom

A steady reliability performance and sufficient output are first in electronic equipment, JCL-made components are countlessly proven no matter of its connectivity or precision jointing. We are the best choice when you looking for a electronic and telecom part supplier.
JCLs Metal Stamped Electronics & Telecom Parts

Medical Devices

JCL's capability guarantees the high standards and requirements for the stamping process in medical devices that primarily driven by patient safety, regulatory compliance, device longevity, precision, accuracy, and traceability.
Applications of Metal Stamping in Medical Industry

Custom Automotive & E-Mobility

If you are searching for a trusted partner in the automotive stamping industry, JCL is here to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and experience the excellence we bring to the automotive manufacturing sector.
Custom Automotive & E-Mobility Components
Advantages of JCL In Different Industry

Advantages of JCL In Different Industry

  • Technical capabilities to meet diverse industry requirements

  • Delivery capabilities from, deep draw manufacturing and stamping mold design to large-scale production

  • Precise quality control with tolerances as tight as 0.01 millimeters

  • Comprehensive process flow from metal forming to surface treatment

  • Advanced stamping equipment and automated inspection pipelines


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JCL is here anytime for your inquiries. Our engineers are ready to evaluate your designs, stamping and forming, and our project managers can provide quotations within hours. Let us assist with your sheet metal projects, optimize your supply chain management, and minimize the risks in your delivery line across different countries. We are committed to being the trusted partner for your project.


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