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Precision Metal Stamping for Medical Industry

The medical metal stampings is equipped with various medical tools and equipment that need high precision and accuracy for the betterment and safety of the patient. Hence, manufacturing such tools through medical metal stampings is a common practice.

Metal stamping is a process of manufacturing various tools used in multiple industries, among which the medical metal stampings is also prevalent. Due to the criticality of these medical device stamping required in the field of medicine,  JCL’s tools and equipment may be of great help, as JCL custom precision metal stamping for medical devices, offer the best quality metal stamped parts that are not only durable but also affordable.

Why Choose Metal Stamping for Medical Devices

Metal stampings process for medical equipment and tools proves to be extremely important for various reasons, and some of these reasons are discussed below:

  • Metal stamping for medical devices is suitable due to the nature of complexity these parts may have; in cases where components need tight tolerance to function effectively, the metal stampings process proves to be suitable.

  • Metal stamping for medical devices that are repeatable proves to be helpful because this process helps manufacture components with consistency and uniformity.

  • The medical metal stamping cost is just in its tooling setup; once medical device stamping is done, large volumes of components can be manufactured efficiently and quickly, helping to achieve economies of scale.

  • Medical equipment uses versatile materials like aluminum, stainless steel and various other alloys. Hence, metal stamping for medical devices proves to be helpful because of its adaptability to versatile materials.

  • The entire process of metal stampings can be monitored and closely controlled to achieve high-quality output that ensures the safety and functionality of custom precision metal stamping for medical devices.

  • The process of metal stampings at JCL offers customization; hence, in the case of the medical device stamping, if there is a need to meet any specific features or designs, the process of metal stampings proves to be quite beneficial.


Common Materials Used in Metal Stamping for Medical Devices

Metal stamping for medical devices can be carried out using various metals, and the common ones posted due to their suitability for the medical device stamping industry are as follows:

Stainless Steel for medical device stamping

Stainless steel deep drawing manufacturing is known for its strength, durability and corrosion resistance. Hence, when used in surgical equipment, implants and housing, it is capable of withstanding the process of sterilization in the human body.

Titanium for medical device stamping

Titanium deep drawing is known for its corrosion resistance and lightweight properties, which makes it suitable for medical stampings in which these properties are crucial.

Platinum for medical device stamping

Platinum offers corrosion resistance and is biocompatible with good conductivity; hence, in medical device stamping where electrical properties are needed, this material proves to be suitable when components are created using medical metal stamping.


Sizes & Tolerances of Medical Device Stamping

JCL medical metal stamping manufacturers offer various sizes and tolerance levels when it comes to producing medical equipment through metal stamping with different materials. When it comes to producing medical device metal stamping with different materials.  When it comes to thin and ultra-thin materials, the foils and paper are at .0005 inches thick, 301 stainless steel at .0015 inches thick, beryllium copper at .002 inches thick and pure platinum ribbon at .002 inches thick.

These thin materials need a high level of control and precision when processing metal stamping for medical, and these are opted for due to their suitable properties in relation to the medical device stamping.

Moreover, the medical devices require a tight tolerance, which is around more than .0005 inches and metal stamping offers high precision for such together tolerance-oriented parts.


Surface Finishes for Metal Medical Device Stamping

Medical device metal stamping is equipped with multiple finishes and added treatments for the metal stamped devices that help enhance their suitability, and some common such finishes comprise the following:

  • Passivation is a process in which the contaminants from the surface of stainless steel are removed through a chemical process to improve corrosion resistance and add biocompatibility to medical stamped devices.

  • To provide a polished and smooth and precision surface finishing to metal medical device stamping, electropolishing is carried out that helps remove burrs.

  • Anodization on the implants and surgical instruments helps to add corrosion resistance and also offers color coding.


Advantages of JCL's Metal Medical Device Stamping

Advantages of JCL's Metal Medical Device Stamping

JCL offers various advantages to the metal stamping for medical industries, and these advantages comprise the following:

  • The process of metal stamping for medical industries offered by JCL is equipped with high precision for all kinds of complex and intricate components.

  • JCL has a team of experts who have sufficient knowledge of the materials that are suitable for the metal stamping for medical industries and their compatibility.

  • JCL offers custom precision metal stamping for medical devices, and hence, if you have any specific requirement for your medical equipment, you can have it customized.

  • JCL is also capable of manufacturing components with tight tolerance, and the parts manufactured meet the regulatory requirements as well as quality standards.

Understanding the biocompatibility requirements for the coating and materials needed for patient safety, they always adhere to these factors.


Types Of Custom Precision Metal Stamping For Medical Devices

The different types of precision metal stamping for medical devices are as follows:

  • Progressive stampings for medical device stamping: Progressive die stamping is a process equipped with efficiency and high speed, and in this process, the material passes in the strip form through stations which perform different operations.

  • Transfer presses for medical device stamping: The process of deep draw transfer press consists of moving the part from one station to another, and this process is not carried on the metal strip.

  • Air presses for medical device stamping: Air presses are also suitable for metal stamping where the operation needs a lighter pressure stamping.

  • Compound dies for medical device stamping: Compound die stamping offers multiple presses in one go; they have numerous forming and cutting operations in one single die.

  • Hydraulic presses for medical device stamping: Hydraulic presses apply force during the process of stamping by using hydraulic power, and it ensures a lot of flexibility in controlling the speed of force application.

  • Line dies for medical device stamping: Line dies are such dies that are suitable for one operation at a time, and they offer a simpler stamping process.

  • Mechanical presses for medical device stamping: Mechanical presses, as the name suggests, use mechanical force with the help of a flywheel, and a stamping process takes place.


Types Of Precision Metal Stamping For Medical Devices

Why Choose JCL for Metal Stamping for Medical

Why Choose JCL for Metal Stamping for Medical

JCL’s medical metal stamping is ideally suitable for the medical industry for many reasons. They offer high-quality compliance to international standards and ensure that all the safety standards are complied with as well. 

The medical metal stampings is equipped with a lot of critical aspects. There is no margin for errors, and hence, the components produced by JCL medical device stampings have precision as well as tolerance, and they are equipped at an affordable price. At every stage with JCL sheet metal fabrication manufacturer, medical device stamping keep a check on the manufacturing process as well as the components produced to ensure a high-quality outcome is achieved.


How To Order Custom Precision Metal Stamping for Medical Devices

When you look forward to placing a custom order of medical metal stamping, some of the factors that you get a chance to highlight according to your preference are quality control measures expected, tooling requirements you may have and much more. Some of these speculations for the custom orders are discussed below:

Design Specifications for medical device stamping

You can provide the specifications of the stamping mold design you have in mind regarding the required medical device; in case it is an implant, the sizes and measurements of the individual patient will be needed.

Material for medical device stamping

The medical metal stamping uses some particular materials only which are suitable for the patients, and based on the application of a specific device, you can specify the sheet metal material selection that ensures durability and performance.

Finishing for medical device stamping

Some medical stampings need extra corrosion resistance and smooth surfaces, which is the job of finishing, and for this, the specification of finishing is provided.

JCL is a pioneer in offering custom precision metal stamping for medical devices, and if you need to have customized medical devices manufactured, you can trust their abilities and compliance.


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