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Quality Excellence for Your Deep Drawn Parts
JCL has been focusing on sheet metal manufacturing for decades, our spectrum generally categorized in four areas: metal deep drawing, custom stamping, sheet metal fabrication and sheet metal assemblies. You can have a one-stop solution from your design print to promising shipments and delivery. Please find details of our trustworthy expertise in the links below.
Deep Drawing Components
Deep Drawn Components are our essential service for our customers worldwide. Our deep drawing skills cover a variety of material types and extreme geometric limits. It is perfect for components that are engineered to meet the most demanding requirements.
Custom Stamped Components
Custom stamping is a wider metal forming business we are dedicated to. With our advanced technologies and consistent output capacity, you can count on us for either high volume small parts or automotive components with short run production.
Sheet Metal Fabrication
JCL provides capable service of sheet metal cutting, bending, welding together with dozens of surface treatments. We can work with a range of materials and thicknesses. Your design challenges will be fulfilled by our fabrication capability and fine-tuned equipments.
Sheet Metal Assemblies
JCL also has complete assembly resources besides making mechanical parts. Our experienced assembly engineers can simplify complex assembly work through various jig and fixture designs, and technical workers can ensure efficient and high-quality assembly delivery.
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JCL is a leading deep drawing stamping manufacturer dedicated to expanding business opportunities worldwide. We ensure the highest level of precision, efficiency, and quality in all our deep drawing stamping processes and optimize production cycles and reduce costs for our clients without compromising on excellence. This flexibility empowers us to cater to a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronics, medical, and more. Experience the JCL advantage and unlock new possibilities for your business on the global stage.
  • 50
    Over 50 sets high precision stamping and drawing machines
  • 0.01
    0.01mm tolerance control for best accurate fitting
  • 500
    Completed more than 500 projects
  • 30
    30 years specialized in metal drawing industry
  • 20
    Super-fast development turnaround, 20 days for design and tooling done
  • 7/24
    7 days/24 hours for your instant customer service
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JCL Deep Drawing Certification
Why Choose JCL

Working with JCL has been a game-changer for our business. Their deep drawing stamping services are unparalleled in terms of quality and precision. They have exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend their expertise to others in need of these services.

      -Laila Rizk   Pitaka Inc.

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