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Precision Stamping Parts

At JCL precision metal stamping parts factory, we understand the critical role that precision plays in the success of your products. That's why we proudly offer a wide range of high-performance precision stamped metal parts.

We produce precision metal stamping parts with exceptional accuracy, consistency, and strength. This is possible through our stamping presses and tooling combined with our team of experienced engineers and technicians. 

We have the expertise and capability to deliver the needed precision metal stamping parts on time and within budget.

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Key Features & Precision Metal Stamping Parts Advantages

Precision Metal Stamping Parts Factory

Bended sheet parts can translate into valuable advantages for various applications. Here are the most important characteristics and their benefits that set precision stamping components apart:

High precision

Obviously, the tell-tale feature is their high precision. For the controlled manufacturing process, the high precision stamping parts have tight tolerances.


  • Minimize assembly errors: Precision sheet metal stamping components fit seamlessly and make assembly easy because of the tight tolerances.

  • Consistent performance: Deep drawn parts and deep draw manufacturing are more reliable and consistent.

  • Reduced post-processing: Deep draw stamping minimizes additional machining or finishing and saves time and cost.


Precision metal stamping parts are made with various metals like steel deep drawing, aluminum deep drawing, and brass deep drawing. The stronger materials give them higher strength, too.


  • Endure demanding environments: A punch and die material has high strength and resistance to wear and tear.

  • Long-lasting performance: They perform well for a long time without needing maintenance and replacement.

  • Broad material choice: You have a large pool of options to choose from as per your requirements.

Thin walls

Precision die stamping parts can have very thin walls, which helps reduce weight and material costs.


  • Weight reduction: Thin walls reduce weight and become efficient for aerospace and transportation.

  • Material cost savings: Less material is needed during progressive die stamping. This lessens the production costs.

  • Punch and die design flexibility: Deep drawing the metal sheets to thin walls allows for lightweight yet strong components with complex geometries.

Complex shapes

We can bend sheet metal in various shapes, including complex shapes, by deep drawing our parts.


  • Broad design: Sheet metal drawing produces intricate, difficult or impossible shapes with other methods.

  • Functional: Complex features are more specific and functional to unique situations.

  • Aesthetic: Creative designs are often very appealing and aesthetic.


When produced in high volumes, precision metal stamping parts become very lucrative products.

  • Minimal material waste: The process reduces scrap material, reducing costs and environmental impact.

  • Fast production cycle: High automation and repeatability lead to quick turnaround times.


Types of Precision Metal Stamping

Types of Precision Metal Stamping

We make precision metal stamping parts through different types of stamping processes. The applicable type is dictated depending on the advantages and application required. 

Precision Metal Stamping-Blanking

Blanking in sheet metal is used to cut a specific shape from the sheet and turn it into a flat part. It's the most basic stamping process that makes the fundamental metal blank.

Precision Metal Stamping-Punching

Similar to blanking, but a sheet metal punching machine doesn’t remove the entire shape. A sheet metal punch only creates a hole or opening to make slots.

Precision Metal Stamping-Bending

Custom sheet metal bending uses a die to bend the sheet metal to an angle or shape to create flanges, brackets, and channels.

Precision Metal Stamping-Deep Drawing

Metal drawing stretches the sheet metal into a desired shape to create cups, cylinders, and other deep, hollow components.

Precision Metal Stamping-Coining

Engraving metal or coining creates a design or pattern on the sheet metal without changing its thickness. With coining, we make logos, markings, and decorative elements.

Precision Metal Stamping-Embossing

This is the opposite of coining. Embossing the part makes it rise from the surface of the sheet metal.

Progressive Die Stamping

Progressive die drawing takes a single die and blanks, punches, bends and forms them on a single sheet. 

Four-Slide Stamping

This technique has a machine with four slides forming the sheet metal from different directions. 

Precision Metal Stamping-Hydroforming

Hydroforming stamps the sheets with high-pressure water to form unique parts.

Conduct with JCL to know what technique is best for your stamped components


JCL Precision Metal Stamping Factory Applications


Precision Metal Stamping Parts for Automotive

  • Engine components: Pistons, valves, connecting rods, camshafts, etc.

  • Body panels: Roof panels, doors, hoods, fenders, etc.

  • Interior trim: Brackets, clips, fasteners, decorative elements, etc.

Precision Metal Stamping Parts for Electronics

Precision Metal Stamping Parts for Aerospace

  • Aircraft parts: Fuselage skins, wing ribs, brackets, etc.

  • Spacecraft components: Satellite structures, rocket nozzles, etc.

Precision Metal Stamping Parts for Medical devices

  • Surgical instruments: Scalpels, forceps, clamps, medical device component, etc.

  • Implants: Bone screws, dental crowns, stents, etc.

Precision Metal Stamping Parts for Appliances

  • Washing machine parts: Drums, agitators, filters, etc.

  • Dishwasher components: Spray arms, racks, door hinges, etc.

Precision Metal Stamping Parts for Consumer goods

  • Toys: Car parts, dollhouse furniture, toy train components, etc.

  • Tools: Wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, blades, etc.

  • Hardware: Nuts, bolts, screws, washers, etc.

Precision Metal Stamping Parts for Other Applications

  • Lighting fixtures: Reflectors, shades, housings, etc.

  • Furniture: Drawer slides, hinges, casters, etc.

  • Construction: Clamps, brackets, fasteners, etc.


What to Consider When Buying Precision Metal Stamping Parts

Buy precision metal stamping from JCD manufacturer

When purchasing precision metal stamping parts direct from sheet metal fabrication manufacturer, there are a few key factors to consider:

  1. Application: What will the precision metal stamping parts be used for? Will it be exposed to harsh environments or heavy loads?

  2. Material Selection: The material chosen for the precision metal stamping parts should meet the specific requirements of its industrial metal stamping.

  3. Design Flexibility: Some stamping techniques offer more design flexibility than others, so it's important to consider the complexity and functionality of the desired shape.

  4. Production Volume: Different stamping techniques are more suitable for producing different volumes of parts.

  5. Cost-Effectiveness: Stamping can offer cost savings in material and production costs, but it's important to consider the initial tooling and setup costs.


Precision Metal Stamping Processing Steps


Here are the steps in our precision metal stamping process:

  1. Design and Engineering: Our experienced engineers work closely with customers to design and engineer the perfect stamping elements for their specific needs.

  2. Tool and Die Making: Our in-house tool and die-making capabilities allow us complete control over the production process of mechanical hardware.

  3. Material Selection: We offer a wide range of materials, including stainless steel deep drawing manufacturing, aluminum deep drawing, brass metal stamping, and more, to meet the unique requirements of each project.

  4. Stamping Production:  Our advanced stamping machines and equipment allow us to produce high-quality, precision parts in large volumes.

  5. Quality Control: We have rigorous quality control processes throughout production to ensure that every precision metal stamping parts meets the highest standards.


Specificifications of Precision Stamping Parts

Stamping Presses

10-50 ton


ISO 9001 and others


0.0015 to 0.5 mm


±0.010, ±0.005


Steel, aluminum, brass, and other metals

Precision Metal Stamping Parts FAQ’s

  precision metal stamping China company/factory

Are there any limitations to the shape that can be achieved through stamping?

While stamping can produce complex and intricate shapes, there are limitations to the depth and complexity that can be achieved.

Can different materials be combined in a single stamped part?

Yes, it is possible to combine different materials through techniques such as coining or progressive die stamping. However, this may require more complex tooling and setup processes.

Can stamping be used on both flat and curved surfaces?

Yes, stamping can be used on both flat and curved surfaces. However, the curvature of the surface may affect the precision and accuracy of the precision metal stamping parts.


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