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Production Floor

Standard and Custom Machinery

JCL owns state-of-the-art machinery and commitment to delivering exceptional metal stamping solutions. With over 50 presses in the production floor, JCL offers a diverse capabilities to meet the specific needs of press stroke. Here are the different press machines at the factory, highlighting their key features and tonnages.

  • Pneumatic Press— 25 to 200 tons

  • Open Back Inclined mechanical presses— 22 to 200 tons

  • Mechanical, double action presses — 22 to 200 tons

  • High precision presses, C-Frame double crank — 3 to 500 tons

  • Straight side press — 60 to 500 tons

  • Press-driven roll feeder 

  • Automated loading & unloading robotic arm

Comparison of Press Machines in Different Driven Power

Mechanical Press

Pneumatic Press

Hydraulic Press

Low Cost for Initial Setup

High Punch Speed

High Tonnage Available

Easy to Maintain

Relatively Low Cost to Purchase

Less Maintenance with Load Protection

Fast Operation in Single Maximum Punch

Easy to Use

Compact with Less Space Needed

Consistency in Simple Action

Sufficient Power Source

Precise for Complex Forming

We work closely to guarantee that our press machines maintain consistent accuracy and precision. By regularly calibrating our equipment, we can offer our customers superior stamped products that meet their exact specifications. Furthermore, we continually invest in the latest press machine technologies to focus the technologies on the edge. 



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