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FAQ about JCL

What are the common basic shapes that JCL specializes in for deep drawn parts?

What is the maximum size in terms of diameter and blank length that JCL can handle?

What is the range of sheet thickness that JCL can work with for deep drawing?

What kind of shapes can be punched?

Can I punch metal at home?

What metals can be punched?

How much force does it take to punch metal?

Is metal punching safe?

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What Is the Difference Between Punching and Stamping Metal Sheets?

What are the steps in the process of deep drawing? 

What materials are suitable for deep drawing?

How to Deep Draw Brass Components?

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What are the main parameters of deep drawing?

What are some common mistakes to avoid in deep drawing?

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What is custom metal stamping?

Is metal stamping expensive?

How much is the cost of custom stamping for a Vapour device?

Do you offer volume discounts for bulk orders of metal-stamped mechanical hardware?

What types of industries or businesses typically benefit from your metal stamping services for mechanical hardware?

Can you assist in creating prototypes or samples of metal-stamped mechanical hardware components for testing purposes?

Do you provide customized packaging or labeling options for metal-stamped mechanical hardware shipments?

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