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Brackets & Supporting Parts

Sheet metal brackets and supporting parts are structural elements of any product. These supporting parts are usually designed as per the product requirement and may have several holes to join and hold different parts together through nuts and bolts.  

Strength, durability, and versatility of these sheet metal brackets has made them a vital part of product design and development. They are widely used in almost all industries from construction to manufacturing and from automobiles to aerospace.

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How are Brackets & Supporting Parts Used?

Sheet metal brackets and supporting parts can be used as structural elements that provide support to one or more parts of any product. They can be used to join two or more parts of products together. 

These brackets and support parts can also be used to join and hold the entire product as and where required. In the construction industry these brackets can be used to join features like parapets or eaves to walls and columns. 

In other industries these brackets can be used to join, hold or support countertops, shelving, different sections of furniture, flooring, and mounted products like televisions, big clocks and art pieces.


Different Components of a Bracket or a Supporting Parts

Design of a brack and support part depends mostly on the requirement they need to fulfill. However there are some basic components that each bracket has. These components includes

  • Base Plate

  • Support Arm

  • Mounting Holes

  • Fastener

  • Bracing

Base Plate is that part of the metal bracket that is fixed with the base of the supporting structure. Base of the supporting structure can be a wall or column or any part of a machine that holds other products like LCD.

Different Components of a Bracket or a Supporting Parts

Support arm can be exactly the same as the base plate or can also be different. It is that part of the bracket that is attached to the product that needs support. 

Mounting Holes are a way to secure metal brackets with the faces of both supporting structure and product that need support. It all depends on the requirements but usually both the base plate and supporting arm have more than one mounting hole. 

Fasteners are what secure the base plate with supporting structure and product that need support. Depending on the product that needs support, screw, revit, or nut and bolt can be used.

Bracing is what adds extra support to the bracket and support parts. If the product that needs support is heavy or resists a large load. Then the supporting parts and brackets need bracing.

Different Components of a Bracket or a Supporting Parts


Materials Used in Sheet Metal Brackets Fabrication

Material used for fabrication of the sheet metal brackets like their design depends on their application. Material selection for metal brackets depends on the factors like design, weight, external load, vibrational stress, material of the associated products, and environmental surrounding in which bracket is installed.

Some of the common materials used for bracket are

Steel and Stainless Steel

Steel and stainless steel are two of the most used metallic materials for bracket fabrication. Steel brackets are used due to their very high strength, durability, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum and its alloys are the third most used materials for bracket and supporting part manufacturing. Aluminum brackets are used for their light weight, good strength, corrosion resistance and excellent weight to strength ratio.


Titanium is one of the most used materials in the aerospace industry. It's also widely used in race cars and sport related vehicles. Titanium brackets are used due to their extremely high strength, high wear resistance, and high temperature resistance.


Brass is one of the most used materials in home decor and aesthetics applications. Brass Brackets are used for their great appearance and corrosion resistance properties.


Copper, known for its great electrical and thermal conductivity, is used as brackets that not only work as support elements but also as the functional element in products. Copper brackets thermal and electrical conductivity make it the best choice for electrical and thermal conductive products.


Common Types of Brackets

L Bracket
L Bracket
U Bracket
U Bracket
Z Bracket
Z Bracket
Gusset Bracket
Gusset Bracket

L Bracket as the name suggests has a shape like the English alphabet L. It has an angle of 90 degree between its base plate and support arm. 

The U bracket has a U like shape and its base plate and support arm are parallel to each other. It's mostly used to support two objects or parts of a products parallel to each other

The Z bracket has a shape like the English alphabet Z. Its base plate and support arm have an angle of 180 degree between them. 

Gusset Bracket is just like a L shape bracket but with extra support at its both ends. This bracket is specially designed to support extra load.

Brackets Supporting Parts


Sheet Metal Bracket Fabrication Processes

A sheet metal bracket and support part can be fabricated using several sheet metal fabrication techniques. Depending on the design of the bracket, a metal bracket can be fabricated using a single or series of sheet metal fabrication process.

A metal bracket can be fabricated using sheet metal cutting, sheet metal bending, sheet metal punching, sheet metal welding and sheet metal surface finishing. Cutting process is used to cut the sheet in required sizes, then sheet metal bending is used to bend the sheet into required shape.

After that sheet metal punching can be used to add features like mounting holes. If needed sheet metal welding can be used to weld extra support. Sheet metal surface finishing is used in the last stage to add aesthetics or corrosion resistance characteristics in brackets.

Sheet Metal Bracket Fabrication Processes


JCL for Sheet Metal Bracket Fabrication

Choose JCL for fabrication of top sheet metal brackets. Known for its customized solutions. With expertise in industries like construction, automotive, and aerospace. 

JCL crafts brackets from high quality materials like steel, aluminum and titanium. With a focus on robust design and comprehensive fabrication processes. JCL ensures that each client receives a tailored solution that excels in performance and durability.


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