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Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures & Cases

Custom enclosures and cases are specialized containers. Designed as protective housings for electronic products or sensitive devices and developed from sheet metal materials.

These enclosures and cases are designed to meet unique customer requirements and with dimensions and functionalities as per customer required for their specific product. 

Sheet metal fabrication processes like sheet metal cutting, sheet metal bending and sheet metal welding are commonly used to manufacture these enclosures. Sheet metals like stainless steel, and aluminum due to the material's durability, strength and flexibility.

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Sheet Metal Enclosure Fabrication Manufacturer

JCL is specialized to deliver custom sheet metal enclosures and cases to its clients. Our sheet metal cutting, sheet metal bending and sheet metal welding shops make fully capable and 100 % effective sheet metal fabrication setup for custom enclosures and cases.


Advantages of Sheet Metal Enclosures

Sheet metals for fabricating metal enclosures and cases through sheet metal fabrication offers several advantages. That’s the reason that makes it a popular choice in various metal fabrication industries like JCL.

Durable and Sturdy

The first and best advantage of having a sheet metal enclosure is the strength, durability, corrosion resistance and sturdiness you get from metals. Metals like steel and aluminum give excellent durability and sturdiness.

Wide Range of Materials

Sheet metal offers a wide range of materials like aluminum, aluminum alloy, mild steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and many more. All these materials are widely available and are easy to transport and maintain.  

Security and Protection

Sheet metal enclosure provides an excellent security and protection specially to electronics products. Due to metal strength, hardness and toughness the products inside the enclosure and casing are protected against all external forces. Metal enclosures for electronics are the best options for electric products.


One of the biggest advantages of sheet metal is their recyclability. After the product has gone its useful life, the material can be recycled to directly make any other product or can be melted and used for manufacturing new metal sheets.

Cost Effectiveness

Sheet metal enclosures are much more cost effective than plastics and other materials. This is due to the fact that sheet metal tooling cost, production cost and product useful life makes the metal enclosure much more cost effective than other materials enclosures. 


High-Grade Materials

High-Grade Materials

JCL has a wide range of material options for its clients on sheet metal enclosures. JCL is specialize in but not limited to

  • Stainless Steel

  • Galvanized Steel

  • Mild Steel

  • Cold-Rolled steel

  • Copper

  • Aluminum

  • Brass

Stainless steel enclosures are known for their strength, corrosion resistance and use in the food industry. Galvanized steel enclosures due to their very high corrosion resistance and strength are very high in demand in the automotive sector.

Mild Steel enclosure due to their cost effectiveness are used in most common and small scale applications. Similarly cold rolled steel enclosure, copper enclosure, aluminum enclosure and brass enclosure have their own industrial applications.


Sheet Metal Enclosure Fabrication Techniques

Sheet Metal Enclosure Fabrication Techniques

There are several fabrication processes that can be used for sheet metal enclosure manufacturing or are involved in enclosure fabrication.

  • Sheet metal cutting

  • Sheet metal bending

  • Sheet metal welding

  • Sheet metal punching

  • Sheet metal surface finishing

Sheet metal cutting process is used for cutting sheets as per the custom enclosure design. These sheet then can go through sheet metal bending and sheet metal punching to develop required features. To develop the final shape, the sheet metal welding and sheet metal surface finishing process are done.


Why Choose JCL to Customize Your Enclosure

Why Choose JCL to Customize Your Enclosure

JCL offers sheet metal enclosure fabrication service with excellent experiences spanning for over decades. Throughout our years of experience in the sheet metal fabrication industry. 

JCL have delivered high quality sheet metal enclosures. Our expertise extends to the manufacturing of both small & large scale sheet metal enclosures and cases.

All our sheet metal enclosures and cases are manufactured following rigorous quality standards. Standards meeting all requirements of ISO and NEMA. All our clients place their trust on our ability to maintain the highest quality and assurance measures. 


Sheet Metal Enclosures Fabrication for Different Industries

Metal enclosures are widely adopted in different industries for their robustness and light weight. Their application includes both indoor and outdoor installations. Due to the metals, these enclosures can also have some external load.


Sheet metal enclosures have an important and versatile application in the electronic industry. Metal enclosure provides many advantages including electrical conductivity, and emission reductions. Some example products are

  • Control Panel Enclosures

  • Server Rack Enclosures

  • Electronic Equipment Cabinets

  • Instrumentation Enclosures

  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Enclosures


JCL is specialized in sheet metal fabrication of metal enclosure for communication systems. These sheet metal enclosures are a great fit for the telecom sector as they are waterproof, corrosion resistant, heat resistant and mountable as well. Some example products are

  • Telecommunications Equipment Racks

  • Fiber Optic Distribution Boxes

  • Antenna Enclosures

  • Network Switch Housings

  • Telecom Power Supply Cabinets

Sheet Metal Enclosures Fabrication for Different Industries


Aerospace is one of the biggest sectors for these custom enclosures. Aerospace sector comes with several materials and JCL has expertise in all including titanium, steel, and aluminum. These lightweight enclosures prove to be the best for aerospace light weight and high strength applications. Some example products are

  • Avionics Enclosures

  • Aircraft Instrument Housings

  • Satellite Electronics Casings

  • Radar System Enclosures

  • Flight Control System Boxes


Sheet metal enclosure made for the energy sector are reducing the weight and cost of the products. Sheet metal is also improving the quality and consistency of the products related to the energy sector. JCL is delivering copper sheet metal enclosures of high quality to its existing clients. Some example products are

  • Solar Inverter Enclosures

  • Battery Storage Cabinets

  • Power Distribution Centers

  • Electrical Control Panels

  • Wind Turbine Control Boxes


JCL fabricates high quality sheet metal enclosures for automotive industries. Our metal enclosures are fabricated with special emphasis on vibration and shock load these enclosures might need to face in an automotive. Aluminum and steel enclosures are most in demand in the automotive industry.

  • Engine Control Module (ECM) Boxes

  • Automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

  • In-Vehicle Infotainment Housings

  • Battery Management System Enclosures

  • Automotive Sensor Housings


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