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Project Review

The project manager at JCL takes on a multitasking role. Their responsibilities encompass various tasks and activities to ensure the successful execution of the project. Here is an explanation of what our project manager does in a stamping project:

  • Project Planning

  • Resource Allocation

  • Communication and Collaboration

  • Risk Management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Timely Delivery

  • Project Evaluation and Lessons Learned


Factors of Manufacturing Project

Factors of Manufacturing Project

JCL Project Principles


Software, hardware and method designed to detect failure in process and product.; e.g. QC tool, destructive or non-destructive reliability test, gauges


Software, hardware and method designed to prevent failure in process and product; e.g.


Software, hardware and method designed to prevent failure in process and product


Software, hardware and method designed and approved by customers to rework products that are not meeting specification due to process limitation or outliers. 


Main focus is to design, propose to customer material used in product or process is recallable or biodegradable.

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