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Metal Stamping Services For Automotive & E-Mobility Industry

Metal components are a part and parcel of various industrial applications and among them, the automobile-and-mobility industry is also one of the most prevalent industries. Metal components are manufactured through various processes depending upon their structural requirements among which the metal stamping process is also a common one.

JCL’s metal stamping for the automotive industry offers versatility, precision, and affordability. It is because of the high-tech processes incorporated and expertise combined to bring about the finest quality metal components.

Metal Stamping Services For Automobile & E-Mobility Industry

Importance of Metal Stamping in the Automobile & E-Mobility Industry

Metal stamping in the automotive industry has various benefits and because of these, it proves to be a very important aspect of this industry. Some of the aspects that add to the importance are as follows:

Enhanced Vehicle Structural Integrity:

The process of metal stamping is equipped with the ability to provide manufacturing of automobile components that are precise and complex, requiring high structural integrity. It is very important when it comes to constructing chassis, frames, and other important parts of vehicles. 

Automotive metal stamping parts can withstand the strain and stress that a vehicle may pass through and ensure durability as well as the safety of the vehicle.

Customization and Design Flexibility:

Metal stamping is a very flexible method of manufacturing components. Hence automotive metal stamping parts can be equipped with customization and design flexibility as the innovative and advanced features that evolve now and then can be manufactured easily.

Weight Reduction for Improved Efficiency:

The metal components when manufactured using metal stamping are equipped with lightweight. However, despite being lightweight these parts are equipped with a lot of strength. In the case of electric vehicles it is very important to have a reduced weight so that energy efficiency can be attained. 

Cost-Effectiveness and Economical Production:

Automotive metal stamping machines are usually equipped with automation which helps in mass production. The automated machine can offer cost savings by increasing and reducing the cost of labor. Hence, a huge volume of metal-stamped components can be manufactured at an affordable price.

Support for Advanced Technologies and Safety Features:

Safety features in an automobile are extremely important and every vehicle needs to meet the safety standards hence the role of metal stamped parts is very crucial here. Metal stamping for automotives helps support advanced technologies to be integrated like sensors and other devices used for communication.


Custom Metal Stamping Solutions by JCL for Automobile & E Vehicle

JCL has specialized in the manufacturing of metal stamped components that are an important part of the automobile and electric vehicles and this comprises suspension, body, chassis, and engine components.

The metal stamping process carried out by them is equipped with the ability to manufacture automotive components that offer precision, hence they ensure that every component meets the exact specifications to ensure safety.

Moreover, JCL has a team of experts helping clients to choose appropriate materials for the metal stamping process based on the applications. Various factors are important when it comes to manufacturing components for the automotive sector like weight, durability, strength, etc.

Customized automotive metal stamping allows you to work very closely with JCL and you can explain the design requirements you may have. The team manufactures metal-stamped automotive parts that are based on your requirements.


Custom Metal Stamping Solutions by JCL for Automobile & E Vehicle

JCL's Quality Standards and Compliance For Automotive Metal Stamping

JCL's quality standards are meant to cater to the automotive industry. The company is committed to adhering to industry regulations and standards. Specific certifications like ISO9001 and IATF 16949 are attained by JCL to ensure quality for its automotive metal-stamped components. 

Hence these certifications offer a validation that the quality control mechanisms are very critically followed at JCL while carrying out metal stamping for automotive industry.


Our Automobile and EV Stamping Capabilities

JCL’s capabilities in automobile and EV stamping are equipped with various metal stamping techniques and some of these are discussed below:

  • Punching. 

Punching is a process of metal stamping that uses a machine to create holes in a metal sheet. It is a form of sheet metal stamping which is done by using a punch in the set of dice.

  • Blanking. 

To cut flat shapes using a metal sheet, the process of blanking is undertaken and it is further passed through forming processes for the creation of actual components.

  • Bending

The process of bending involves deforming a metal sheet through the various axes and it uses a press brake. It helps to make 3D components used in vehicles like frames or brackets.

  • Flanging

Flanging is a method carried out using pressing or stamping, it helps create a raised or turned edge. In automobile components, it helps create a connection between components.


Types of Automotive Metal Stamping Methods

Types of Automotive Metal Stamping Methods

The automotive metal stamping process improves converting flat sheets of metal into various shapes with the help of a tool and die set. There are different types of automotive metal stamping methods and three most important of them are discussed below:

Progressive Die

Progressive die stamping is a process in which a metal strip is fed into stations, each station has a specific operation to perform automatically and continuously. This process is suitable for producing high-volume production to produce complex parts and parts like clips, brackets, and connectors are manufactured through it.

Compound Die

Compound die stamping is a process that also performs multiple operations in one go; it has one single step that performs all procedures which include forming, cutting, and shaping. The parts that have complex shapes are mostly manufactured using this process to cater to the intricate geometry they may possess.

Transfer Die

Transfer die stamping is a method in which the strip of metal moves through a system of stations, the metal strip is cut in blanks; these blanks move through different dies and form multiple forming and cutting operations. Automotive components like body parts, panels, and other components are manufactured through this.


Specialized EV Metal Stamping Solution

JCL specializes in offering specialized EV metal stamping solutions by using its cutting-edge technology and innovative equipment that helps manufacture automotive metal stamping components. The focus of JCL is on offering precision and efficiency and hence specialized techniques are utilized like deep-drawn stamping and progressive die stamping to manufacture EV metal components.

The advanced equipment allows JCL to manufacture complex shapes and intricate designs throughout the entire process of manufacturing. Every component that is manufactured through metal stamping and steel components in the electric vehicles are manufactured by JCL with exceptional strength and high dimensional accuracy.


How Can JCl assist you in the Design and Prototyping phase?

JCL assists its clients during the phase of design and prototype as they have expertise in the process of metal stamping for automotive industry. They help you choose the right material and design and fabricate the stamping tools with the help of CAD or CAM.

JCL offers consistency testing and improvements in the prototypes offered to you upon your feedback and also conducts testing for the stamped components. Due to the collaboration during this process, the exact specifications required for components are achieved and the components are produced at a high scale to cater to diverse applications in the automotive and e-mobility industry.


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