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oled metal screen window frame
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Screen Window Frame

Screen Window Frame is an essential component that improves visual displays of your electronic devices. A well designed screen display box frame gives structural support to the screen and also ensures that it enhances the device's appearance.

At JCL, we provide exceptional high quality, durable, affordable metal screen window frame tailored to your needs. Our engineering and manufacturing ensures you get an excellent metal screen window frame quickly. Unlike cheaper plastic alternatives, our robust metal screen window frames prevent scratching and stand the test of time.

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Your #1 Screen Window Frame Manufacturer in China

OLED Screen Frame Manufacturer

JCL is one of the best Screen Frame Manufacturers in China. Beyond manufacturing, we provide customized solutions for precision and innovation. Our state-of-the-art factory in China ensures the highest quality and performance of our products.

With our experienced engineering team, we meet your electrical and thermal needs, even with complex shapes. With use, you can customize your metal frame box according to your preference. From initial design to on-time delivery, we prioritize your demands and needs. At JCL, making you satisfied is our ultimate goal.


About Metal Screen Window Frame

About Metal Screen Window Frame

The metal screen window frame surrounding your electronic devices is crucial - it provides protection, mounting points, and aesthetic appeal. Our engineering team leverages advanced manufacturing processes to craft precision display box frame made to your exact specifications.

We expertly transform flat metal sheets into complex, contoured forms using innovative and modern machineries. Tight tolerances and customized features for your metal frame box are no problem with our specialized fabrication process.


About JCL

JCL sheet metal fabrication manufacturer stands as a global leader, providing custom manufactured products to companies all over the world. We have a strong commitment to trust, honesty, and communication in every aspect of our work. 

JCL is very skilled at techniques like sheet metal fabrication, stamping and finishing processes to make quality metal stamping consumer electronics.  Companies trust JCL for high-quality, affordable solutions made precisely to their needs. When working with JCL, customers feel confident because of the consistent precision and focus on strong values embodied in each aspect of our business.

In short, we built a reputation as a trustworthy partner in the manufacturing sector, offering a combination of technical proficiency, customized solutions, and a commitment to ethical business practices.


Screen Window Frame Applications

Screen Window Frame Applications

Screen Window Frame for Sleek Consumer Electronics

Screens depend on their surrounding window screen metal frame for both function and style in consumer electronics like televisions and monitors. The screen frame provides vital structural reinforcement to protect fragile display panels. Precision-engineered metal  borders also enhance the look of sleek new devices. Screen frame effectively fuses demands for strength, security, and elegance in consumer electronics.

Screen Window Frame for Industrial Displays

Window screen metal frame takes on heavy-duty functions central to industrial operations, securing interactive displays Industrial screen frames provide durable protection and stabilization for interactive control panels used in harsh work environments like factories and power plants. The sturdy window screen metal frames allow clear visibility of displays while safeguarding sensitive electronics from external impacts, vibrations, and debris.

Screen Window Frame for Mobile Devices

Window screen metal frames play an integral role in the durability and design of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Aluminum alloy or stainless metal frames reinforce the structural integrity around device screens, providing added protection from drops and impacts that can crack glass displays. The window screen metal frame also serves an aesthetic purpose with shiny beveled edges and premium textures that give the mobile device a high-end yet resilient feel in the hand.

Screen Window Frame for Medical Displays

Window screen metal frame is a crucial part in the design of medical displays used in hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic equipment. MRI, CT, and ultrasound equipment incorporate metal frames to contain electromagnetic interference from high-powered magnets and sensors.


How Can JCL Help with metal screen window frame?

JCL is an expert manufacturing company ready to transform your screen displays box frames with specialized screen frames crafted meticulously to excel. Our skilled team masters the complex process of building the thin but strong metal frame boxes to be conductive, dissipate heat, and endure through long-term use.

We offer custom solutions that meet your particular wishes. From initial brainstorming sketches and deep draw manufacturing to getting finished products delivered on schedule, JCL’s seasoned engineers are dedicated partners.


How can JCL Help Oled Screen Frame

Why Choose JCL for Screen Window Frames?

Precision Engineering

JCL is very exact in how they build screen window frames to meet top standards in the field.

Global Manufacturing

JCL makes screen window frames using processes like laser-cutting and sheet metal fabrication. We ship products worldwide.

Quality Commitment

We manufacture metal screen window frames that balance great quality, strength and fair pricing.

Growth and Experience

With many years experience, JCL has grown its team and abilities vastly to offer customers the best screen window frame and solutions.


Trust, honesty and communication matter most at JCL. We focus on understanding and meeting client needs.

Innovative Solutions

JCL moves past basic manufacturing to architect creative screen window frame solutions that solve unique needs smartly.

Material Options for Screen Display Box Frames

Our expert team uses high quality material to manufacture durable, custom metal screen window frames using different metal options. See properties and characteristics below to select the best material:


  • Characteristics

  • Properties

  • Capabilities

  • Stainless Steel

Strong and durable

Corrosion resistant

Steel 304 commonly used

High hardness

High tensile strength

Withstands stress/strain

Not easily breakable

Stainless steel deep drawing manufacturing
  • Aluminum


Corrosion resistant

Anodized finishes add color

Low density

Conductive for heat dissipation

Can bend into shapes

Prone to scratches

Aluminium deep drawing
  • Titanium

Extremely strong

Very lightweight

High strength-to-weight ratio

Resists corrosion

Biocompatible hypoallergenic

Titanium deep drawing
  • Brass

Attractive gold-like color

Durable alloy

Good acoustic damping

Naturally antimicrobial

Prone to tarnishing

Brass metal stamping


How It Works-Business Process Flow for Screen Window Frame

This customer-focused process ensures a smooth experience from the first call to installing durable frames that impress.


  • 01
    Inquiry and Consultation

    Contact JCL online or through our channels to discuss your display frame needs with experts.

  • 02
    Design Review

    Our team closely studies your design to plan the most effective production approach.

  • 03

    Receive a detailed quote summarizing costs and timelines for your custom frame order.

  • 04
    Production Begins

    Once approved, skilled JCL staff start crafting unique frames using state-of-the-art methods.

  • 05
    Quality Check

    Rigorous checks happen during the entire process to meet precision and performance standards.

  • 06

    Frames are safely packed and shipped promptly to their destination through our logistic channels.

screen window frame QUALITY ASSURANCE

screen window frame QUALITY ASSURANCE

At JCL, we are dedicated to making top-quality metal screen window frames. We carefully choose strong and conductive materials to meet industry standards. Our skilled team uses precise engineering methods to make uniform, accurate metal frames. Before production, we thoroughly review the design to match your needs and quality standards.

Our high-tech production uses the latest technology for efficiency and precision. During production, our quality team thoroughly inspects each display box frame to ensure it meets our strict standards for performance, durability, and visual excellence.

For custom metal screen frames, we validate the designs to provide solutions tailored to your vision. Efficient delivery logistics ensure you get your frames on time. JCL is your trusted screen frame partner focused on quality assurance and excellence in everything we make.


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