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Sheet Metal Cutting

Sheet metal cutting is a subtractive type manufacturing process used for product development. This process involves different sheet metal cutting tools to cut metal sheets and manufacture different geometric features & desired shapes.

Sheet metal is a common material in various industries due to its versatility, strength, and ease of fabrication. Thus sheet metal cutting is one of the most widely accepted manufacturing processes due to its producing speed and cost effective manufacturing.

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Sheet Metal Cutting Process for Product Fabrication

Based on the customer requirements like product design and material selection. There are three different sheet metal cutting processes developed by researchers. Each of these processes has their own uniqueness and advantages over others.


Laser Sheet Metal Cutting

Laser sheet metal cutting involves high powered lasers to melt or vaporize the metal sheet into desired shape. This sheet metal cutting process provides a highly precise cutting and always delivers a net shape product.

Laser cutting offers high precision cutting and is suitable for products with intricate designs. They can easily process thin to medium thickness sheets.


Laser Sheet Metal Cutting

Waterjet Sheet Metal Cutting

Waterjet sheet metal cutting process involves a high pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive particles. Waterjet cutting works best for heat sensitive materials that cannot be cut through any heat producing process. 

This high pressure waterjet can cut through any material including metal sheets. These machines are fully capable of cutting different sheet thickness and produce any required 2D profile. 


Waterjet Sheet Metal Cutting

Materials Selection In Sheet Metal Cutting

JCL is specialists in sheet metal cutting especially when it comes to brass, copper, aluminum, and cold-rolled steel. Each metal sheet has its own unique qualities and needs a proper setup before the process.

  • Brass, with its corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal needs dedicated setting during sheet metal cutting. Our cutting methods prioritize maintaining the alloy's integrity.

  • Copper, which is super good at conducting electricity and bending without breaking. Need special attention during sheet metal cutting to avoid bent edges.

  • Aluminum, known for its lightweight and strength. Undergoes cutting processes that balance precision with the material's responsive nature

  • Cold rolled steel, which is tough and versatile, we cut it in a way that keeps it strong and ready for anything.


Laser Cutting  

Waterjet Cutting 

Plasma Cutting

Carbon steel

Stainless steel





Following are some of the most common materials processed through different sheet metal cutting processes.

Materials Selection In Sheet Metal Cutting


Surface Finish Process

Sheet metal cutting is all about cutting metal sheets in required shapes. Surface finish required for the product is achieved in the post process. Sheet metal cutting does not put any limitation on the surface finish you can get on the product. 

Some of the post process surface finish process you can get on your product are

1. Painting and Coating

  • Painting

  • Powder Coating

  • Anodizing

  • Plating

  • Galvanizing

2. Mechanical Finishes

  • Brushed Finish

  • Polishing

  • Bead Blasting

3. Protective and Specialty Finishes

  • Laminating

  • Embossing

  • Etching

  • Passivation

  • Vinyl Coating

  • Brush Finish

4. Advanced Coating

  • PVD Coating (Physical Vapor Deposition)

The choice of surface finish depends on factors such as the material type, intended use, design requirements, and environmental conditions. Each process offers unique advantages in terms of appearance, durability, and functionality.

Surface Finish Process


Sheet Metal Cutting Tools We Use

For conducting the sheet metal cutting process, we have many sheet metal cutting tools and equipment in place. We use different tools according to the metal parts manufacturing needs.

Punch Press:

We use a punch press in our punching sheet metal cutting process. Through the punch press, we punch out on the metal sheet to make holes, slots and notches.


We use shears in the shearing process for cutting the metal sheet. We normally operate this through hydraulics but workers also can operate it manually.

Laser Cutter

In our laser cutting process, our laser cutting machine uses a laser beam to cut the metal sheet. We operate the sheet metal cutting process through a controlled computer. 

Plasma Cutter

In our plasma sheet metal cutting process, we use a hot plasma arc to cut the metal sheet and produce metal parts. 

Advance Technology for the Sheet Metal Cutting Process

At JCL, we know advanced technologies not only increase the efficiency of the sheet metal cutting process but also increase the quality of the metal parts. That’s why we use innovative technologies to conduct our sheet metal cutting process.

A few of the technologies we use are-

Hybrid Laser-Punch Machines

We use the hybrid laser-punch machine in both laser and punching sheet metal cutting processes. Through this machine we can do both laser cutting and punching, just we need to choose the operation we want to operate.

Advanced CNC Control Systems

In our sheet metal cutting process, we use an advanced CNC control system to control and program cutting machines to cut metal sheets with precision.

3D Laser Cutting

Through our 3D laser cutting technology, we cut 3D dimensional complex shapes from the metal sheet. We use this technology as our sheet metal cutting process when we have to manufacture metal parts for industries like aerospace, and automotive.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We use AI systems in our sheet metal cutting process to optimize and improve the process. Our AI system also helps to analyze previous sheet metal cutting data for optimizing future operations to reduce material wastage and increase productivity. 

Products and Industries That Need JCL’s Sheet Metal Cutting Process

Commercial Sheet Metal Production

In commercial sheet metal production, we manufacture consumer products like consumer electronics, automobile bodies and other commercial sheet metal products. To form and shape these products according to consumer demands sheet metal cutting process is required.

Industrial Sheet Metal Production

Industrial sheet metal production also requires our sheet metal cutting services. As we need to manufacture metal parts for industrial machines and equipment, we need to use a sheet metal cutting process to cut the metal parts. So that they perfectly fit with the machines.

Structural Sheet Metal Production

In structural sheet metal production, we manufacture metal parts for construction equipment. These metal parts also require our sheet metal cutting service. The sheet metal cutting process is crucial for these metal parts as the proper shape is necessary for meeting the safety standards.

Fabricating and shaping sheet metal 

We provide sheet metal cutting services for the fabrication of a wide range of products and industries. Many industries like automotive, restaurant frames, electronics, and farming need a sheet metal cutting process to make metal parts for them. Through our servicer, we fabricate and shape metal parts for these industries.


Your First Product Fabricated With JCL

JCL is guided by a singular motto: to ease the experience for our clients by assuming full responsibility for every aspect of their needs.

This is how things happen from start to end

1. You Contact Us

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Reach out to JCL to initiate the communication process, sharing your requirements and project details. It does not matter if it's just an idea, sketch or some written instruction. We are here to help 

2. You Deliver the Drawing or We Develop One for You

Just ask and we will develop complete manufacturing drawing for you

Provide your existing drawings or collaborate with JCL's design experts to develop precise and tailored drawings for your project. You will be in incharge and ask for any moderation in drawing.

3. You Select the Material

It's better to have a material in mind. If you don’t, we will talk you though

We help you choose the material that best suits your project needs from our range of options, ensuring compatibility with your design and functionality requirements.

4. We Discuss the Process

You get the expert opinion on you product fabrication

We will engage you in a detailed discussion with our manufacturing experts to determine the most suitable and efficient manufacturing process for your sheet metal components.

5. We Discuss the Surface Finish

Decide how your product look like

Collaborate on selecting the ideal surface finish that aligns with your aesthetic preferences, functional requirements, and environmental considerations.

6. We Deliver a Cost Estimation

JCL is all about delivering cost effective fabrication

Receive a comprehensive cost estimation for your project, encompassing material costs, manufacturing processes, surface finishes, and any additional requirements.

7. You Finalize the Order

You are the one who make the last call

Make informed decisions based on the cost estimation and project details, finalizing the order to proceed with the manufacturing process.

8. You Get Your Product Delivered

JCL make sure you get your product delivered on time

Experience a seamless and collaborative manufacturing journey as JCL delivers the finished product, meeting your specifications and ensuring satisfaction with the end result


Why JCL for Your Product Fabrication

JCL makes sure you make all the right decisions for your product fabrications. 

  • Clear and comprehensive communication by competent individuals

  • Precise and accurate sheet metal cuts with cutting-edge technology 

  • Wide variety of materials to select from

  • Flexibility and stringent quality control for high-quality, tailored components

  • Wide variety of finishes to customize the appearance and functionality

  • More value addition with least cost possible

  • Scalable services accommodate projects of varying scales

At JCL we truly value the passion, time and money you put in your product design and fabrication. That's why at JCL we make sure that dedicated professionals take each and every step needed to deliver a high quality cost effective product at your doorstep.


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