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Titanium Deep Drawing Components

JCL presents you with an exceptional range of titanium deep-drawing components. As your premier manufacturing partner in China, we offer top-tier solutions. Whether in aerospace, medical, automotive, or any other sector, you will find no component better than our titanium. At JCL, we turn your visions into reality. Contact us to learn more.

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Your #1 Titanium Drawing Component Manufacturer in China

Your #1 Titanium Drawing Component Manufacturer in China

JCL takes pride in being your foremost choice as China's leading deep drawing element manufacturer. We boast unparalleled quality and precision thanks to a dedicated team of skilled engineers and advanced modeling and simulation tools. At JCL, we produce top-tier components with integrity, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Choose us as your trusted partner, and experience excellence that exceeds global standards.


About Titanium Drawn Parts

Titanium drawing parts make the best of material innovation with precision engineering. Engineering and deep drawing titanium bring out its properties. This transformation requires flat titanium sheets to be shaped into intricate three-dimensional forms. Their anti-corrosive, lightweight, and heat resistance properties are ideal for aerospace, medical, and industrial applications.

Properties of Titanium Drawing Parts

  • high reactivity

  • high strength

  • springback tendencies.

  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Biocompatibility

  • Durability

  • Longevity

  • Excellent Heat Resistance

  • Low Thermal Conductivity

  • Non-magnetic

  • Aesthetic Finish

  • Chemical Inertness

  • Formability for Complex Shapes


Want to Know More about JCL

Want to Know More about JCL

JCL, founded in March 2012, is a dedicated team of engineers embodying core values of Trust, Integrity, and Communication. Coded in Quality, Time, and Cost, JCL  has witnessed exponential growth. Upholding integrity, we conduct business with transparency, consistent performance, and ethical practices at JCL. Join JCL to see your dreams manufactured with expertise and commitment.


Titanium Components: Uses and Applications

Titanium Components: Uses and Applications

Engine components

Compressor blades, casings, and other high-temperature parts benefit from titanium's strength and heat resistance. With improved aircraft performance, titanium deep-drawing components lead to more efficient and powerful engines.

Joint implants

Hip and knee replacements are often made from drawing components. Because they offer long-term durability and biocompatibility and promote bone integration without revision surgeries.

Dental implants

Biocompatible titanium screws and posts make powerful dental prosthetics. This improves oral health and aesthetics for patients.

Propeller blades

Marine propellers need to be corrosion-resistant. Titanium is anti-corrosion and strong, making durable and robust propeller blades that don’t need maintenance.

Piping and valves

Titanium piping and valves have long-lasting performance and minimal leaks in harsh chemical environments.

Shafts and fasteners

Titanium gives hull components and other marine hardware strength and corrosion resistance to minimize vessel maintenance and downtime.

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers can use titanium's high strength and resistance to seawater corrosion for efficient cooling.

Racing components

Connecting rods and brake rotors use titanium drawn pieces due to their weight savings and strength. This helps racing cars achieve faster lap times.

Sporting Goods

High-performance sporting goods, such as bicycle frames, golf club heads, and fishing equipment, utilize titanium for its lightweight and durable properties.

Jewelry & Watch Industry

Luxury jewelry, watch cases, and components use titanium for its aesthetic appeal and corrosion resistance.

Military and Defense

Titanium’s durability makes it suitable for manufacturing armor and missile casings in the defense sector.


Why Use Titanium for Your Deep Drawing Components?

Why Use Titanium for Your Deep Drawing Components?

A proper deep drawing material can be a game changer. Applications exposed to challenging environments need the exceptional corrosion resistance that titanium can provide. Their biocompatibility makes titanium good implants for the human body. Beyond its physical attributes, titanium is highly formable and versatile, which helps it apply itself to intricate shapes. That’s why Titanium deep drawing parts can be extended to various industries.


Benefits Of Titanium Stamped Parts

Durable and long-lasting

These components are long-lasting and need minimal maintenance due to their corrosion resistance. This quality gives them high strength.


Deep drawing components in titanium allow for the creation of complex shapes and elements for diverse applications due to their high formability, non-magnetism, and non-erosion.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

These components have improved fuel efficiency with their lightweight design and high strength-to-weight ratio.


Due to their excellent heat resistance, titanium deep-drawing compounds are stronger than copper types.


Due to its smooth and silken finish, applications with these components have an aesthetically pleasing surface.


How Can JCL Help?

How Can JCL Help?

Your titanium deep drawn part is critical to your manufacturing success.

It's the difference between a jet engine soaring effortlessly and a grounded flight, a medical implant lasting a lifetime. 

At JCL, we understand the critical importance of getting titanium right.

JCL titanium components stand up to the harshest environments, from blistering heat to corrosive chemicals. Our deep-drawing expertise ensures unmatched accuracy and strength.

But it's not just about the material. Our dedicated engineers and technicians shall guide your project from initial concept to flawless reality. 

We're with you every step of the way.

Don't leave your titanium trust to chance. Choose JCL and take your project to new heights.

CALL NOW. Experience the JCL difference.


Features of Titanium Deep Drawing Part

Compliance with Standards

Our components always adhere to relevant industry standards and specifications. 


We have a traceable system to track the titanium material's origin, processing, and testing. We record the process to ensure accountability and quality control. 

High Chemical Purity

At JCL, we undergo various measures to ensure high purity levels to keep the material from weakening and compromising its corrosion resistance.

Precise Manufacturing

We give your titanium deep-drawing components dimensional accuracy, smooth finishes, and minimal springback. And you get the most desirable looking, wrinkle-free, fit, and functional component.


JCL gives you biocompatible titanium grade for medical applications. So you don’t have to worry about the risk of rejection or adverse tissue reactions.


Why Choose JCL

Unrivaled Quality: JCL is consistently committed to quality with its high-grade titanium materials and detail-oriented deep drawing process.
Unrivaled Quality: JCL is consistently committed to quality with its high-grade titanium materials and detail-oriented deep drawing process.
Expert Engineering: Our team of skilled engineers employs advanced modeling and simulation tools to design components with precision.
Expert Engineering: Our team of skilled engineers employs advanced modeling and simulation tools to design components with precision.
Compliance: We uphold integrity and adhere to ethical standards and industry regulations to ensure our customers' compliance and confidence.
Compliance: We uphold integrity and adhere to ethical standards and industry regulations to ensure our customers' compliance and confidence.
Customer Trust and Satisfaction: Choose us for a partnership built on reliability, customer satisfaction, and a commitment to meeting your unique requirements.
Customer Trust and Satisfaction: Choose us for a partnership built on reliability, customer satisfaction, and a commitment to meeting your unique requirements.

Types Of Titanium We Work With

Alloy Type

  • Commercially Pure Titanium (CP Ti): 

Grades: Grades 1, 2, 3, and 4

  • Alpha/Beta (α/β) Alloys: 

Grades: Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5), Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo (Grade 23), Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo (Grade 19)

  • Beta (β) Alloys: 

Grades: Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al (Grade 15), Ti-15V-3Al-3Cr-3Sn (Grade 16)

  • Alpha (α) Alloys: 

Grades: Ti-5Al-2.5V (Grade 9)

Different thicknesses and gauges:

  • Thin gauge (0.002" - 0.015"): Diaphragms, seals, gaskets, medical implants, decorative parts.

  • Medium gauge (0.020" - 0.060"): Cylinders, tubes, boxes, housings, automotive parts, aerospace components.

  • Thick gauge (0.080" - 0.125"+): pressure vessels, high-strength structural components, marine parts, specialty applications.



Key Properties

Grade 1 (CP Ti)

General-purpose, chemical processing, medical implants

Purest commercially available titanium, 

highly ductile and weldable, Excellent biocompatibility, corrosion resistance

Grade 3 (CP Ti)

Springs, high-pressure vessels, cryogenic applications

Strongest pure titanium grade Good creep resistance

Limited weldability

Grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V)

Aerospace components, medical implants, sporting goods

Most widely used titanium alloy High strength-to-weight ratio Good formability

Excellent corrosion resistance

Grade 9 (Ti-3Al-2.5V)

Aerospace components, high-temperature applications

Higher creep resistance than Grade 5 

Corrosion resistance

Grade 12 

(Ti-6Al-4V ELI)

Medical implants, surgical instruments

Low interstitial element content compared to Grade 5 

Improved biocompatibility and fatigue resistance

Grade 19 (Ti-6Al-4V)

Aerospace components, high-strengthen applications

Higher strength version of Grade 5 

Very brittle


  • 01
    Customer Inquiry

    Express your interest and discuss your needs with our experts.

  • 02

    Our team builds initial prototypes to refine design and test feasibility.

  • 03

    We present you with prices and designs and request your approval.

  • 04
    Order Placement

    You place your order with detailed technical specifications.

  • 05
    Procurement & Formation

    We source the perfect titanium grade for you and deep-draw it into the desired shape.

  • 06
    Quality Control

    We run rigorous inspections to ensure accuracy, finish, and material integrity.

  • 07
    Shipping & Delivery

    We securely package and ship the components to the customer. Support: We continue to offer technical support and maintenance as per warranty after delivery.

Quality Assurance

JCL's commitment to quality assurance is reflected in a comprehensive set of practices. 

We use high-quality titanium materials from reputable suppliers. At JCL, we prioritize thorough regular inspections and preventive programs. We implement quality control measures and ensure components meet specified tolerances and integrity standards. JCL organically builds trust through customer satisfaction, collaboration, and continuous improvement. We keep records, hone in on supplier management, and encourage customer feedback. With all this, we complete the robust quality assurance framework and deliver high-quality components. 

Embrace excellence with JCL—where precision meets passion in crafting top-notch titanium deep drawing parts.


Can You Deep Draw Titanium?

Yes, titanium can be deep-drawn. To deep draw, we turn a flat sheet of material into a three-dimensional shape using a die and punch. 

What Is the Best Metal for Deep Drawing?

The best metal for deep drawing is typically aluminium. It exhibits excellent formability, high ductility, a low spring back, and a relatively soft material cost. 

What Are the Parts of the Deep Drawing Process?

A punch, die, and blank holder are typically utilized to draw deep. The die and the empty holder are put on both sides of a sheet metal blank, and a punch is used to push the blank into the die cavity.

How Thick Is Deep Drawing Material?

For common materials used in deep drawing, such as aluminum or steel, the sheet metal thickness can range from around 0.5 millimeters (0.020 inches) to several millimeters. The maximum blank sheet size is 2.2×3.0 meters.

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