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Deep Drawing Capabilities

Deep Drawing Capabilities

JCL possesses a complete metal sheet technology solution. Our services include the entire process from material selection, mold design, mold processing, production manufacturing, part assembly, to surface treatment. Our technical team has over 20 years of work experience and is capable of handling complex forming of various materials, and can challenge the limited thickness and the aspect ratio. We have a comprehensive production line, precise machining equipment, and quality control system dedicated to continuous improvement. Our project team will take full responsibility for your tasks, ensuring stable delivery and high cost-effectiveness.

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Deep Drawing Capabilities
Quick Turnaround in Quote and Developments
Quick Turnaround in Quote and Developments
Experienced Engineers and Advanced Equipments
Experienced Engineers and Advanced Equipments
Precision and tolerances achieved to 0.01mm
Precision and tolerances achieved to 0.01mm
Cost Competitiveness in Asian and Global Supply Chain
Cost Competitiveness in Asian and Global Supply Chain

Customize Your Project

At JCL, we understand that every customer has its unique challenges and requirements. That's why we offer customized solutions, tailored to fit the specific needs of your application. 

Comprehensive Manufacturing Service

While there are many metal forming technologies have been conducted and achieved in JCL library, main business areas have been categorized as below:

  • Deep Drawn Stamping: 

  • Custom Stamping 

  • Surface Finishing

  • Part Assemblies



                                                                                                                  A Type of Deep Drawing Process Flow

Other Sheet Metal Fabrication Processes

JCL also owns a facility of sheet metal fabrication, consisting of dozens of manufacturing equipment, inspection automation and large scale production capability. The site contains 

  • Sheet Metal Bending

  • Sheet Metal Cutting

  • Aluminum Extrusion

  • Sheet Metal Welding


Custom Workflow for In-Time Response

Timely and accurate communication is key to project success. The JCL team uses clear process charts throughout the project to ensure customers get quick and accurate responses. This helps monitor the efficiency and quality of each stage of the project.


  • 01
    Sent Specification

    NDA & RFQ Process, 2D /3D / Specification Process

  • 02
    P.O Approval

    Generate Quotation, Project Overview & Target, P.O Sent

  • 03
    DFM Approval

    NPI & PFMEA Meeting, DFM of Tooling / Process / Measurement / Packaging

  • 04
    Project Approval

    Produce "Start to End" Schedule, Produce CP/SOP/SIP/ECR

  • 05
    Approved FAI/CPK

    Prototype / T0  FAI / CPK Review & Submission

  • 06
    Production Approval

    Plan/Actual Production Plan & Kick Off Production

  • 07
    Discussion & Review

    Process Invoice & Payment, Continuous Improvement Plan

  • 08
    Customer Satisfaction

    Top 10 Concerned Issues and Feasible Corrective Actions

Sheet Metal Material Selection
01 / 07
In JCL's database, there are many materials, each with several models. You can pick what you need for your product and we will analyze based on the mechanical properties, dimensional tolerances, functional use, and life cycle of the product, to provide the best options. We also have a reliable material supply chain, which can ensure the stable supply of various types of materials.
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Sheet Metal Mold Design
02 / 07
Our engineers have a deep understanding of stamping molds and are familiar with various mold structures. We are capable of CAD & CAE tools to achieve design validation, tool and die optimization, material feasibility analysis, and overall cost and time savings.
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Deep Drawing Tool
03 / 07
Once we understand your requirements and tool design finishes, complete technical drawings are sent to our tool and die workshop. There, we have a full range of equipment for in-house manufacturing. We are very familiar with the characteristics and processing methods of tool and die materials. Our excellent equipment and extensive experience ensure every part is made with the highest precision.
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Deep Drawing Press
04 / 07
JCL has various stamping machines with different tonnages and configurations to meet the needs of parts in different industries. A project manager follows up on daily output, retrieving exact production figures from the ERP system. Our ability to adapt production schedules at night allows us to handle both high volume and short run production.
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Deep Drawing Quality
05 / 07
Under the ISO 9001 and TS16949 systems, our quality team works from the design phase to in-process inspection and final quality checks. They've been trained through hundreds of projects and, more importantly, have a strong sense of responsibility to keep a close communication loop with our customer regarding specification, inspection, data analysis and certification, etc.
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Secondary Metal Processing
06 / 07
Our secondary operation includes fine polishing, buffing and brushing, various coating technologies including painting, powder coating, electro & electroless plating, anodizing, E-coat, galvanizing, passivation and vacuum metallization such as PVD and CVD, our quick turnaround and one-stop finishing solutions will help your delivery fast and competitively in cost.
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Stamping Project
07 / 07
JCL is well aware of our customers' urgent needs. Our project managers are involved in cost and risk control, ensuring timely delivery, communication, and continuous improvement. This guarantees smooth execution of manufacturing projects, fulfilling customer requirements and objectives. We also conduct reviews at the end of projects to accumulate experience, providing better service and training.
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Selecting JCL as Your Metal Drawing Partner

Whether it’s for automotive, aerospace, electronics, or any other industry, our deep drawn components are engineered to deliver performance, durability, and precision. Our quick and accurate feedback will consistently let you experience the best practice of metal research and development. A complete and stable facility equipped with advanced pressing machines, finishing operations and inspection monitoring will assure your investment is secure and promising. Contact us Immediately for the success of your sheet metal product.


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