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Connectors, Contacts & Terminals

Electrical connectors, contacts and electrical terminals are an important part of our current industrial revolution. As each and every item is turning fully electrical to be smarter. Demand for sheet metal fabrication of connectors, contacts and terminals has reached an all time high. 

JCL being the leading sheet metal fabrication shop in China had a dedicated setup for manufacturing connectors, contacts and terminals

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Electrical Connectors, Contacts and Terminals

Electrical connectors, contacts and electrical terminals are an important part of our electrical world. They play an important role in connecting different electrical components. There are a lot of different types of electrical connectors, contacts and terminals but each type has a male and female part made from sheet metal.


Electrical Connectors

Electrical connectors are used to establish connection between different electrically operated electronic devices. They are used to connect two devices with more than one wire to connect at a single port. 

They help electronic devices communicate by establishing electrical connection through wires. There are several shapes and designs for these electrical connectors and design is usually dependent on product requirements. 

Electrical Connectors

Some basic parts of these electrical connectors and how they are manufactured are as follows.

Pin contact or Socket contact

Depending on the male and female part, connectors can have a pin contact or socket contact respectively. These contacts are usually made from metal like copper or aluminum and are manufactured using a metal stamping process. 

Rear Cover and Mat Seal

These are usually made from non conductive materials to isolate pins and sockets from the connector body. These can be made from heat resistive plastic by using a plastic molding process.

Pin or socket housing

Connector housing is what holds all parts together. These are usually made of metals for all those applications that need some strength and heat resistance. Houses are usually made from die casting process and are made from aluminum metal. 

Electrical Connectors


Electrical Contacts and Terminals

Electrical Contacts and electrical terminals are designed and used to connect two wires as and when required. They are mostly made from copper and aluminum but other materials can also be processed as per client requirements.

Bullet Terminal

Male part of the bullet terminal is shaped like a bullet with hollow cavity in it to enable wire clamping. Female bullet terminal has a similar cavity made in it to facilitate gripping of male bullet terminal in it.

Bullet terminals are made from mostly copper and aluminum materials. Copper bullet terminals are mostly used in low to moderate electric load applications. 

Aluminum bullet terminals are usually made for those applications that have high heat generation rate. Aluminum bullet terminals have higher ability to resist temperature than copper bullet terminals.

Bullet Terminal

Ring Terminals

Ring terminals for electrical connection have a ring-like shape made at one end and a hollow cylindrical feature at the other end. Due to such a shape, a ring terminal can connect two or more electrical wires using a single body. 

Depending on the client requirement, JCL can fabricate copper ring terminals, aluminum ring terminals, tin, silver, and nickel finish ring terminals.

Ring Terminals

Fork and Pin Terminals

Fork terminals have fork-like shape at one end and hollow cylindrical shape to connect wire at other ends. Similarly pin terminals have sharp pins at one end and hollow cylindrical shape to connect wire at other end.

Both copper fork terminal and copper pin terminal have huge industrial applications ranging from small to large size electrical products.

Fork and Pin Terminals

Combination Terminals

Combination terminals are designed to connect two wires on a single body. They are slim, flat and are very easy to use. Copper combination terminals are used in all types of high ends electrical applications. Aluminum combinations terminals are also used in most industrial applications with high temperature output.

Combination Terminals

Fuse Terminals

Fuse terminals are designed and used for connecting multiple wires, usually more than two wires on a single point. 

Fuse Terminals


Advantages of using sheet metal fabrication for Connector, Contacts and Terminals

Selecting sheet metal fabrication process specially sheet metal stamping process for manufacturing of electrical contacts and electrical terminals has some advantages of its own.

Simple process

Sheet metal stamping is relatively a simple process as compared to machining and die casting. Especially when we consider products like electrical connectors, contacts and terminals that do not have much complicated design features. Then a simple process like metal stamping came out to be the best.

High production speed

Biggest advantage of using sheet metal stamping processes for fabrication of electrical connectors, contacts, and terminals is the speed at which this process can manufacture products. Metal stamping process has higher speed than any other manufacturing process available for manufacturing of these products.

High accuracy

The sheet metal stamping process is known for its accuracy especially when it comes to fabrication of electrical connectors, contacts, and electrical terminals. Although these products do not need high dimensional accuracy most of the time but stamping process can deliver very high and net shaped products through a single process. 

High repeatability

Sheet metal stamping process due to its simplicity and accuracy can easily deliver every product of same quality means it has great process repeatability. All the products fabricated using sheet metal stamping will have the same dimension of accuracy and perfection.

Low material wastage

Due to sheet metal stamping simplicity, there is very little material that goes to waste during the process of fabricating electrical connectors, contacts and electrical terminals. Any material that can be classified as waste can very easily and directly be reused or recycled without need for any extra process like cleaning.

Cost effectiveness

The sheet metal stamping process for fabrication of electrical connectors, contacts, and terminals has proven to be the most cost effective process as compared to processes like die casting. This is due to the process simplicity, high production rate, and low material wastage. 


Why To Select JCL for Sheet Metal Fabrication of Connectors, Contacts and Terminals

JCL excels in sheet metal fabrication of connectors, contacts, and terminals. Offering expertise, comprehensive capabilities and material flexibility. Specializing in various types, including pin contacts, bullet terminals, and fuse terminals, JCL ensures a one stop solution. 

Leveraging sheet metal stamping for its speed, accuracy, and efficiency. JCL delivers high-quality, customized products with minimal material wastage, contributing to cost-effectiveness. 

With a commitment to environmental responsibility, their setup in China positions them as a leading choice for the fast-evolving demand in electrical components during the current industrial revolution.


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