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Engineering Design

In order to help customers solve problems related to metal forming manufacturing, JCL provides comprehensive sheet metal stamping mold designservices before starting tool development. Detailed sheet metal stamping mold design and risk assessment can help reduce unnecessary and unreasonable investment. Keep the actual investment close to the budget, so as to maintain efficiency and avoid overspending and delays that often occur during the sheet metal stamping projects.

CAD Evaluation

Feasibility check is always important when we run our sheet metal stamping projects from product design phase to manufacturing design. Our engineers will review below items to guarantee the part meets the forming requirement and feedback to our customer the necessary design change. Some of the items need to be consider such as 


  • Materials Types, Weight & Thickness

  • Machine Tonnage

  • Tool Size

  • Part Dimension & Tolerances


  • Surface Condition

  • Edge Condition

  • Web Condition

  • Spacing Between Features

  • Extrusions & Countersink

  • Embossing Style


  • Tab & Notch Width

  • Blank Corner Radius

  • Hole Size

  • Flange Size

  • Forming Position & Depth



To assure sheet metal stamping mold design is ready for tooling kickoff, we will propose a rapid prototyping validation. We can make the prototype parts in a couple of days by a series of processes, several functional testing also will be conducted for preliminary performance evaluation. 

Prototype Fabrications

In some cases, a single station short run proto-tooling is required to understand the sheet metal stamping mold design improvement or a small volume run for production readiness. Short run tool is a good way to examine before mass production because of the below advantages.


Deep Drawing Capabilities

Benefit of Short Run Tool

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Low Cost 


Short Leading Time


Tooling Processing Flexibility


Design Change Adaptability


Prepare for Production


Sheet Metal DFM Tooling 

The final sheet metal stamping mold design, material choice, process and equipment, specifications, functional testing will be all included in the sheet metal DFM tooling, our team from engineering, quality, production and sheet metal stamping projects management will take each's responsibility and prepare for official production approval. Some contents in sheet metal DFM tooling such as 

  • Feeding System

  • Strip Specification

  • Forming Steps & Layout

  • Punch & Die Cross Section Structure

  • Draw Depth & Clearance

Tool Trials

Once the tool has been manufactured from our tooling house, we need to instantly start the tryout and validate the DFM tooling design before full-scale production. It enables the fine-tuning of process parameters that affect the deep draw manufacturing and also allows detection of production issues that may arise.


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