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Metal Stamping Services For Mechanical Hardwares

Mechanical hardware components are used widely in various applications and when it comes to manufacturing them, metal stamping services are an optimal solution.

The production of metal hardware is commonly equipped with high accuracy and precision and this production takes place in high volumes as well. Hence, when it comes to manufacturing these components in a high volume, metal stamping proves to be a cost-effective method and it even leads to the manufacture of identical parts.

The process of metal stamping uses sheet metal cutting services and pressing the metal sheets using dies and presses, it helps to shape the components and create desired cuts. JCL offers the finest metal stamping services for the mechanical hardware industry and you can have your components customized depending on the specific requirements.

Why is Metal Stamping Important in Mechanical Hardware?

Several reasons make metal stamping an important manufacturing process for mechanical hardware, custom metal box and custom metal brackets, and some of the reasons are discussed below:

  • Precision and accuracy are the two most important aspects of mechanical hardware, these components need to meet certain tolerance levels and should fit with other components with accuracy for better functioning. Metal stamping is a process that carries out such production with high accuracy.

  • Metal stamping helps produce a large volume of identical mechanical hardware components, this helps to lower the cost of production and hence cost savings are achieved.

  • Metal stamping supports the use of multiple materials, hence, when the production of components is equipped with the versatility of these materials, metal stamping helps with production.


Applications of Metal Stamping in Mechanical Hardware

The application of metal stamping on mechanical hardware can be seen at various industries, but at JCL the production of the below-suggested components is carried out using metal stamping.
Sheet Metal Housing
Stamping hardware is used to manufacture metal stamping housing and this is used as an enclosure for various applications. The design of a metal stamping housing needs precise dimensions that can be achieved through the process of metal stamping.
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Metal Case
A stamping case is a hollow metal enclosure or housing made from deep working sheet metal. They are incredibly cost-effective, lightweight, durable, strong, and versatile. That’s why these metal case...
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Metal Brackets
Metal brackets support various mechanical applications, it offers an integration solution to other essential components. Metal stamping is a method of manufacturing the finest metal brackets keeping in mind the mechanical properties it possesses.
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Supporting Plate
Introducing the supporting plate. Designed to distribute weight evenly, the metal plate is sturdy platform and a backbone of countless machines and structures. They are heavy-duty and powerful. Becaus...
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Precision Stamping Parts
At JCL, we understand the critical role that precision plays in the success of your products. That's why we proudly offer a wide range of high-performance precision stamped metal parts.We produce ...
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Common Materials Used

Mechanical hardware is manufactured using different types of materials, the requirements of applications may vary, and also the properties of metals vary, hence JCL sheet metal fabrication manufacturer ensures to choose relevant material for your mechanical hardware components based on application requirements. Some of the materials that it uses for deep draw manufacturing the components are as follows:

  • Steel is used for the strength of the mechanical hardware and comes with properties like formability, ductility, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Stainless steel deep drawing manufacturing has multiple types and the common ones used for mechanical hardware manufacturing through metal stamping are 304 and 316, it offers corrosion resistance and is used in harsh environments.

  • Aluminium deep drawing is a lightweight material used for manufacturing mechanical hardware manufacturing using metal stamping.

  • Copper deep drawing is a very good conductor of electricity and various mechanical hardware components are used in electrical applications, metal stamping is used for manufacturing them using copper.


Surface Finishes and Treatments For Metal Stamped Mechanical Hardware

The metal stamping process for manufacturing mechanical hardware also requires surface finishing. There are various forms of surface finishing options and treatments that are used for the metal stamped parts.

Precision surface finishing helps to improve the corrosion resistance of these parts. The different types of surface treatments comprise nickel plating, anodizing, powder coating, galvanizing, tin plating, and many more. 


Surface Finishes And Treatments For Metal Stamped Mechanical Hardware

Advantages of JCL's Metal Stamping Services for Mechanical Hardware

JCL’s metal stamping services of mechanical hardware offer various advantages and some of these comprise the following:

  • The metal stamping offered by JCL is equipped with high precision, such as precision metal stamping parts. JCL helps manufacture identical mechanical hardware components with complex shapes very accurately.

  • At JCL we consider the significance of diversity required in material selection for mechanical hardware and for this, we use multiple materials that are relevant for different applications.

  • We have specialized equipment that is designed to meet the manufacturing requirements of mechanical hardware that helps manufacture high-quality components in a mass volume. In the short-run, the production of about 500 to 1000 words can be achieved and when it comes to producing high volume through our progressive stamping service around 100k to 1 million identical parts can be produced.

  • We implement quality control procedures throughout the process of production to ensure each component is capable of meeting the quality and reliability standards.

  • Due to access to the Chinese local supply chain, even in the short-run stamping, JCL is capable of offering components manufactured at a competitive cost.


JCL's Quality Standards and Compliance

JCL's Quality Standards and Compliance

JCL sheet metal fabrication services implement international-level quality standards and holds multiple certifications that help to verify their ability to manufacture with quality. They have acquired ISO 9001, ISO 4001, and ISO/TS 16949.

In the year 2018 JCL also was awarded a High Tech Enterprise certification from the local government. JCL every year registers 20 patents in China and hence their quality assurance is highly reliable.



  1. Do you offer volume discounts for bulk orders of metal-stamped mechanical hardware?

    Ans. Yes, we at JCL offer discounts for high-volume orders for mechanical hardware that is manufactured through metal stamping.

  2. What types of industries or businesses typically benefit from your metal stamping services for mechanical hardware?

    Ans. The businesses industries that make the most of our metal stamping services for mechanical hardware comprise of automobile industry, telecommunication industry, aviation and aerospace, medical industry, consumer electronics, and many more.

  1. Can you assist in creating prototypes or samples of metal-stamped mechanical hardware components for testing purposes?

    Ans. Yes, we at JCL offer you the prototypes and samples for the mechanical hardware created through metal stamping, it allows you to test the components and their suitability. Once you approve the prototype we start with the mass production.

  1. Do you provide customized packaging or labeling options for metal-stamped mechanical hardware shipments?

    Ans. Yes, JCL offers OEM services and we cater to customization not only to the extent of mechanical hardware but also we cater packaging and labeling for you.


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