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Fabricator for Quality EMI Shielding Parts

Fabricator for Quality EMI Shielding Parts

At JCL, our team does custom designing and fabrication of EMI shielding from high quality sheet metal. With experience of over a decade, our team is expert in sheet metal cutting, bending, stamping, deep drawing, and sheet metal forming, processes that are crucial for fabricating high quality EMI protection. 

With a range of industrial standard material available at our workshops, we can deliver any custom EMI absorber. Some of our commonly used materials include aluminum, copper, sliver, steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel. 

Our high quality EMI shielding part is used by industries like telecommunication, aerospace, medical, automotive, and other domestic & industrial level electronics industry. 

To get your custom EMI protection, contact our Team and they will talk you through the process of getting your high quality EMI absorber.

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JCL’s EMI Shielding By Features

JCL fabricates EMI shielding enclosures for thousands of products that are in use in several industries. Some of our EMI absorbers that are already in production are


  • Board Level EMI Shielding
    Board Level EMI Shielding

    JCL offers EMI shielding for the entire board, and delivers EMI protection to all components of the electric circuit board. The board level EMI shielding consists of several parts, with each part working as an EMI absorber for a specific part of the board.

  • Low Frequency EMI Shielding
    Low Frequency EMI Shielding

    JCL specialized in design and fabrication of low frequency EMI shielding for all types of electrical and electronic devices. These EMI absorbers can be used for board level or for PCB EMI shielding and deliver high levels of low frequency EMI protection.

  • PCB EMI Shield
    PCB EMI Shield

    PCB EMI shields are designed and fabricated to provide EMI protection to any specific and crucial part of the PCB. JCL being a leading sheet metal fabricator, manufactures high quality EMI absorber for PCB of any type at very reasonable cost.

  • Radio Frequency Shielding
    Radio Frequency Shielding

    Radio frequency shielding is a vital part of several electronics related industrial applications and JCL offers standard metal enclosures that offer high quality radio frequency protection. Our high quality sheet metal and custom design enable proper EMI protection.

  • Aluminum EMI Shielding
    Aluminum EMI Shielding

    Designed and Developed for all types of lightweight applications the JCL’s aluminum EMI shielding enclosures offer best EMI protection with minimum weight. They also offer good strength and natural resistance against corrosion ensuring higher product life.

  • Copper EMI Shielding
    Copper EMI Shielding

    Known for their excellent conductivity, the copper EMI shielding delivers high quality EMI protection due to their higher electrical conductivity. JCL offers a wide variety of copper emi shield designs and can deliver an EMI absorber for any custom product.

Advantages of having EMI Shielding

Electromagnetic interference EMI shielding is a crucial step in protecting sensitive electrical and electronic devices. They protect devices from external noise thus ensuring that the devices function as intended. 

Some advantages of using EMI shielding


Improved Device Performance
Improved Device Performance

EMI shielding helps block all the unwanted EMI. These EMI can affect the operation of electronic devices thus compromising its performance. Using EMI shielding results in getting cleaner signals, reduced error rates and overall better performance of devices. Devices such as smartphones, computers, and medical equipment perform well with EMI protection.

Increased Device Longevity
Increased Device Longevity

Protecting sensitive components of electronics circuits from EMI, the EMI shielding extends the life of those devices. Using EMI absorber can reduce the need for frequent repairs and replacements thus offering long term cost savings.

Enhanced Safety
Enhanced Safety

In critical electrical and electronics applications for example aviation or medical devices. The EMI shielding is an essential part of the device as it's highly important to prevent malfunctions. These malfunctions can lead to safety hazards. Proper EMI protection of these devices ensures that devices operate safely in any environments that have high electromagnetic activity.

Improved Data Security
Improved Data Security

EMI shielding can also help in protecting electronics and electrical devices against several types of data theft or leaks that can be caused by different types of electromagnetic spying techniques. Shielding sensitive data transmission devices ensures that all signals are contained within required secured boundaries.

Best Material Grades for EMI Shielding
Best Material Grades for EMI Shielding

Material plays an important role in EMI shielding of electrical and electronics devices. In most cases EMI protection is all about the material type and sheet thickness. At JCL our sheet metal workshop has a complete range of all the materials that are in use by different industrie.

Some of the most commonly used materials as EMI absorber by different industries are as follows.

  • Copper: Highly effective due to its excellent electrical conductivity. Often used in sheets, foils, or fabrics.

  • Aluminum: Lightweight and cost-effective, good for shielding enclosures and cables.

  • Steel: Used for robust shielding in industrial environments due to its durability and effectiveness.

  • Nickel: Frequently used in coatings and alloys to enhance EMI shielding effectiveness.

Depending on the applications and customer custom required, JCL can also deliver specific surface finish jobs to deliver a metal enclosure with EMI shielding properties. Some of these EMI protection conductive coating are

  • Nickel-based paint: Applied to non-metallic surfaces to provide shielding.

  • Silver-coated paint: Offers high conductivity but is more expensive.

  • Copper-based coatings: Used on enclosures and components for effective EMI shielding.

JCL capabilities are not limited to the above mentioned materials and EMI protection types. We as a China leading sheet metal fabricating shop can deliver high quality EMI shielding enclosures and tools as per the client requirements.

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Fabrication of EMI Shielding Parts

At JCL, we are equipped to craft any design of EMI shielding to meet our clients' needs. Our well-established sheet metal fabrication facility includes, but is not limited to:

Sheet Metal Cutting

This involves cutting metal sheets into the required size like required length and width that is  necessary for manufacturing of the EMI protector. At JCL, we possess a variety of sheet metal cutters making us capable of handling sheets of any thickness and dimension.

Sheet Metal Bending

Bending and forming are critical processes in the creation of EMI shielding enclosures. These are required to shape the main body of the EMI protector. At JCL, we have a n expert team of skilled fabricators who expertly manage our array of bending and forming machines.

Sheet Metal Deburring

During cutting, bending, and forming of EMI absorber enclosures rough edges and sharp corners can occur. To ensure we deliver top-quality products, our JCL team meticulously performs deburring on all our EMI shielding to eliminate these imperfections.

EMI Shields for Different Industries

In the electronics and electrical industry, all electrical and electronic devices need EMI shielding. It is critical for ensuring the proper functioning of all devices. Devices ranging from consumer electronics like smartphones and laptops to industrial electronic controls.


Telecommunication equipment, including base stations, routers and switches require EMI shields. It is necessary to maintain signal integrity and prevent cross-talk between components.


Medical devices particularly those used in diagnostics and imaging like MRI machines and X-rays machines need EMI shielding. This is because these machines operate with high precision and sensitivity. EMI shielding ensures that these devices are not affected by external electromagnetic fields.


Modern vehicles with their extensive use of electronic and electrical systems for tasks like navigation, safety and engine controls rely heavily on EMI shielding. As cars become more connected and more autonomous. Protecting these systems from interference is vital for vehicle safety and functionality.

Aerospace and Defense
Aerospace and Defense

Equipment used in aerospace and defense applications like the navigation systems in aircraft or the communication devices used in military operations must be shielded against a wide range of EMI. Robust metal enclosures are typically used to achieve the necessary level of protection.

Consumer Appliances
Consumer Appliances

Home appliances like microwaves, washing machines and refrigerators increasingly incorporate digital controls and smart technology. EMI shielding is used to prevent EMU from these and other household devices from interfering with each other. This is necessary to ensure they operate efficiently and effectively.

Why work with JCL for your EMI Shielding Fabrication

JCL offers a comprehensive suite of EMI shielding fabrication services. With over a decade of industry experience, we have honed our expertise in the production of EMI shielding enclosures.

Our specialization spans EMI shielding manufacturing of different types including but not limited to board level, PCB, Low frequency, radio frequency, aluminum and copper EMI protector. JCL guarantees stringent quality control and the flexibility to design and manufacture products tailored to your specific requirements. 

We can assist in designing your product and have the capacity to quickly produce prototypes for your evaluation. Our products are subject to precise quality assurance processes to meet the exact standards you require.

For further insights into JCL's EMI shielding fabrication capabilities, feel free to reach out to us or request a quote today.



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