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Aluminium Deep Drawing Components

JCL has a track record in bringing your aluminium alloys to life through functional aluminium deep drawing products. We bend over backwards to see you satisfied.

Aluminium deep drawing components are one of the most popular manufacturing products. Aluminium has great formability, high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and durability. That’s why it’s such an ideal deep drawing application across various industries. 

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JCL Works On Aluminum

JCL Works On Aluminum

By stamping sheet metal, we continuously draw the aluminium into your desired shape. We use many types of stamping dies and a press to turn the stamped sheet metal into complex shapes. Because of the very little waste created, deep drawn aluminium parts are highly economically viable. They are always in high demand.


JCL Brings You Precision-Crafted Aluminium Deep Drawing Solutions

JCL takes your ideas and turns them into deliverable products. We take great care throughout the aluminium deep drawing process to maintain trust and integrity. So, we maintain transparency, ethics, collaboration, and constant communication with our customers and partners.

Dimensional Accuracy

We use high-quality aluminium bender and employ quality control measures. And you get precise dimensions for any component's proper fit and performance.

Material Properties

We choose alloys based on the needed strength, formability, and corrosion resistance. And you get the suitable properties your custom aluminium fabrication deserves.

Surface Finish

We create your desired finish according to the aesthetics, functionality, and production costs.

Wall Thickness

We provide precise specifications for wall thickness and control the thickness accordingly. 

So you don’t have to worry about structural integrity or defects.


We consider the formability of the chosen alloy and design during aluminium bending. No metal ever breaks or tears.


We balance feature requirements with production costs through a streamlined deep drawing process that maintains the required functionality.


We guarantee environmentally friendly manufacturing practices by using recycled aluminium to retain a sustainability profile.


Aluminium Alloy Deep Drawing Application

Automotive industry

Body panels(hoods, doors, and fenders) ⇛ lightweight

Chassis components(engine cradles, suspension arms, and brackets)⇛strength and corrosion 

Radiator components (fins and tanks) ⇛ excellent heat transfer, lightweight

Aerospace industry

Aircraft fuselages and wings⇛ high strength-to-weight ratio and formability

Landing gear components(struts and wheels)⇛  lightweight

Interior panels and components(seat backs and overhead compartments) ⇛ weight-saving and aesthetic

Construction industry

Roofing panels⇛ lightweight and corrosion-resistant 

Siding panels⇛  lightweight, easy to install, and require minimal maintenance
Building components(gutters, downspouts, and flashing)⇛ formability and weather resistance

Other applications:

Household appliances(Cooking utensils, cookware, and appliance housings)⇛ heat conductivity, formability, and aesthetics.

Medical devices(syringes and prosthetics)⇛ biocompatibility, strength, and lightweight properties.

Telecommunications (antenna housings and enclosures)⇛ conductivity and corrosion resistance


Aluminium Alloy Deep Drawing Application

Advantages Of Aluminum Deep Drawing

Improved fuel efficiency and performance: 

Lightweight aluminium car bodies help vehicles use less fuel and go further.

Increased range and payload capacity: 

Lighter aircraft parts allow them to carry more cargo or fly longer distances.

Reduced maintenance costs: 

Corrosion-resistant aluminium components require less maintenance than materials like steel.

Enhanced aesthetics: 

We do aluminium polishing to improve the appearance of the deep drawing component.

Environmental benefits: 

Using recycled aluminium reduces energy consumption, material cost and pollution.

Design flexibility: 

Bending aluminium is fun because we can create unique shapes for you. Its high formability becomes useful for body panels, engine parts, and structural components.

Improves engine cooling

Better heat dissipation helps keep the engine cool and components reliable.

Regulate building temperature

Through reflectivity, aluminium deep drawn components can regulate energy consumption.


Enhances safety and reduces transportation costs.

Long Lasting

Protects food from contamination and extends shelf life through high conductivity.


Promotes sustainability and reduces environmental impact.

Highly Formable

Aluminium enables diverse container shapes and sizes.

Medically Safe

It is biocompatible, sterilizable and conductive. Its high Strength-to-weight ratio ensures reliable performance.


About JCL

About JCL

Since March 2012, JCL has been producing metal deep drawing, custom stamping, and sheet metal fabrication. We proceed every step of the process with integrity, trust, and open communication.

Be it an automotive panel or a medical device with delicate curves, we take your concept and guide it through every stage. We keep a keen eye from prototyping to full-scale production. We have our in-house team of engineers and designers to collaborate closely with you. 

We believe in transparency and ethical practices. Open communication is our bridge.

Our cutting-edge deep drawing techniques get us producing at a fierce rate. Quality doesn’t keep us from making less. We expand because we know you always need more. Our high-grade aluminium alloys craft flawless components. 


Materials and Manufacturing Process

At JCL, metal bending is our art form. We know quality starts with the very foundation: The materials we use.

Quality Aluminium

We select high-grade deep drawing aluminium alloys known for their:

  • Exceptional Formability: Our chosen alloys are made explicitly for deep drawing. They stretch and flow into complex shapes. Expect no tearing or cracking.

  • Superior Strength: Our range of alloys is strong enough to match all your needs.

  • Corrosion Resistance: NO environmental degradation. Your components last for years to come.

Precision Deep Drawing

Next up, we deploy cutting-edge deep drawing techniques:

  • Advanced Tooling: Our in-house team designs and manufactures custom tooling. So, you get the exact component geometry in the perfect fit.

  • Controlled Forming: We give you advanced presses with great forming control. The aluminium deep drawn component has consistent wall thickness and dimensional accuracy.

  • Multi-stage Deep Drawing: Our multi-stage metal stamping techniques create the most complex geometries.

  • Quality Control: We monitor every step so your components meet the highest standards every time.


Endless Customization Options with JCL Deep Drawing

JCL goes beyond the limitations of conventional deep drawing. We know you are a visionary. So our In-house Design Team of experts manufactures your vision through Optimization and Analysis. Let's discover how JCL partners to bring your vision to life.

Design Flexibility:

JCL shatters the mould of standard shapes and sizes. Imagine Complex Geometries with Unmatched Depth and Material Versatility with JCL. 

  • JCL gives you curves, ribs, flanges, and complex features. Think sleek aerodynamic components or medical implants with delicate structures.

  • JCL pushes the boundaries with deep draws exceeding 50% of the blank diameter/length.

  • JCL also works for bi-metal composites for high-performance aluminium alloy deep drawing application.

Tailored Solutions:

JCL manufactures more than parts. We forge partnerships with Close communication, Prototyping and Testing, and Topping with the best finishes.

  • JCL brings your ideas out and about to life with open communication and instant prototyping.

  • JCL allows you to refine the design and functionality before full-scale production.

  • JCL shows you how to finish designs best for your budget, suitability, performance, and aesthetics.


Technical Specifications

Material Grades:

  • 5xxx Series:

    • Excellent formability and corrosion resistance (5052, 5754)

    • High strength and weldability (5083)

  • 6xxx Series:

    • Strength and hardness (6061, 6101)

    • Good corrosion resistance (6063)

  • Other Materials:

    • High conductivity aluminium (1050)

    • Bi-metal composites (aluminium clad with steel)

Here is a table summarising some common aluminium grades and their ideal applications, along with images:



Key Properties

1100 (Pure Aluminium)

Food containers, foil, 

heat exchangers

Very soft and malleable 

Excellent corrosion resistance 

Good electrical conductivity


Cooking utensils, building materials, signs

More formable than 1100 

Good corrosion resistance 

Moderate strength


Pressure vessels, marine components, welded structures

Good weldability Excellent corrosion resistance 

Moderate strength


Aerospace components, bicycle frames, structural parts

Heat-treatable for high-strength 

Good weldability 

Excellent corrosion resistance


Aircraft wings, high-performance components, sporting goods

Very high strength Heat-treatable Machinable

Dimensions and Tolerances:

  • Standard sizes: Round blanks, Rectangular blanks, Maximum depth

  • Tolerances: Thickness, Wall thickness, DimensiCustomisationion: Depending on project requirements, we offer custom sizes, shapes, and depths.

Surface Finishes:

  • Anodising: Improves corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and aesthetics (various colours available)

  • Painting: Provides additional protection and decorative options (high-gloss, textured, etc.)

  • Electropolishing: Polishing aluminium gives the metal a smooth, reflective surface that is best for medical or fancy applications

  • Brushing: Creates a textured finish for aesthetic appeal and improved grip

Testing and Certifications:

  • ISO 9001: Quality management system certification

  • IATF 16949: Automotive industry quality management standard

  • Custom testing: We can perform specific tests based on your requirements



  • 01
    Your vision

    You share your idea with JCL's design team.

  • 02

    We refine your concept to test the manufacturability and performance.

  • 03

     We present a quote(including a cost estimate, lead time, terms, and conditions) for you to accept.

  • 04
    Tooling Design

    Our engineers create custom tooling for your component design.

  • 05
    Quality Material

    We select the perfect high-grade aluminium alloy for your needs.

  • 06

    Our advanced presses and techniques shape the metal into its final form.

  • 07
    Quality Control

    Every component undergoes quality control to guarantee perfection.

  • 08

    We package your components carefully to prevent shipping issues.

  • 09

    Your flawless deep drawing component is ready to be delivered!


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What is deep-drawn aluminium?

A deep-drawn aluminium goes through the aluminium stamping process to form sheet metal into the final components. This is accomplished through stamping parts like mechanical presses and dies. 

Which Aluminium alloys are deep drawing?

3003, 5005, and 5052 Aluminium alloys are usually used for deep drawing.

What is the best aluminium for drawing?

Alloy 5052 is the best aluminium for the sheet metal stamping process because it has the highest strength and formability. This is one of the non-heat-treatable types with higher fatigue strength than other deep drawing aluminium grades. Alloy 5052 also suits the marine atmosphere as it doesn’t corrode in seawater.

What is the best use of aluminium?

Aluminium has a wide range of uses all over the planet. It is often used as kegs, aeroplane parts, utensils, cans, foil, aluminium coatings, and toys.


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