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Custom Stamping Metal Enclosure For Vaporizer

Facing issues with instrument heat leads to combustion, and looking for a proactive solution. To resolve this major problem, the JCL is introducing custom metal services for vaporizer devices, which is adequate for revamping electronic instruments. Additionally, the enclosure protects and enhances electronic devices like vaporizers or e-cigarettes.  Let's walk through this in detail so we can explain why JCL can be the best custom metal stamping manufacturer.

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JCL Custom Metal Stamping Contains:

The JCL sheet metal fabrication manufacturer facilitates the process of the creation of a variety of custom components from metal sheets or blanks. With the worthy and proper setup, we performed multiple steps to create each component. Listed below will demonstrate your JCL possession.

Processes of Metal Stamping Operations

Here is a brief overview of the types of metal stamping we offer:

  1. Piercing: JCL provides a piercing solution that helps create holes on the surface of metal sheets.

  2. Coining: The techniques used by our professionals to create features on the surface.

  3. Lancing: The Process of cutting or slitting openings in metal sheets for specific purposes.

  4. Drawing: Our specialist involves pulling and stretching a metal sheet over a die to make a shape according

    to need.

  5. Embossing: We create a pattern, and the design becomes convenient with that.

  6. Blanking: Our professional uses sheet metal cutting services to make a flat metal sheet to produce a particular component.

  7. Forming: Work on high aspect ratio parts with extreme achievable forming limits.


Services We Provided

Services We Provided

  • Tooling and Dies: It can be used when tools and dies are required to cut, form, and shape metal sheets or coils into the desired configurations.

  • Production Facility: We try to work according to the client's need - More than 50 sets of pressing machines in our production floor.

  • Customization: We believe in a customization approach, which can be done according to requirements.

  • Applications for Industries: Industrial metal stamping including automotive, aerospace, electronics, appliances, power supply and more.

  • Efficient Prototyping: Facilitates swift prototyping and design iterations, allowing for the testing and improvement of part designs.


Common Forming Specifications for Vapor Metal Enclosures


Common Material Used




Surface look






+/-0.05mm Tol.

Max. achievable aspect ratio more than 10:1

Based on material, design complexity

Smooth finishes





Steel Grades

Aluminium Grades

Copper Grades

Brass Grades

Stainless Steel Grades

CapabilitiesAluminium deep drawingCopper deep drawingBrass metal stampingStainless steel deep drawing manufacturing

Low Carbon Steel (1000 Series)

High-Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) Steel

1000 Series Aluminium

6000 Series Aluminium

C1000 Copper

C5000 Copper Alloys

Yellow Brass (C26000)

Free Cutting Brass (C36000)

300 Series Stainless Steel stamping(e.g., 304, 316)

400 Series Stainless Steel

Stamping Machine Capacity

The largest force required during a stamping operation is referred to as the machine tonnage capacity. The tonnage rating of a press signifies the highest load it can handle without causing damage to its frame, ram, bushings, and other parts. Regardless of the issue you are facing with machine tonnage, from light to heavy and medium-duty press brakes, custom sheet metal enclosures according to weight. JCL has Stamping Presses  from 20 to 600 tons that can be used to modify.


​Deep drawing vs Metal stamping

​Deep drawing vs Metal stamping

Because the main body enclosures of vaporized devices are often designed to be easy to grip, lightweight, and seamlessly integrated in a tube shape, it frequently involves one type of metal stamping known as deep drawing. This refers to stretching the metal to a depth exceeding the maximum diameter of the metal sheet. Compared to regular metal stamping, deep drawing has a slower forming speed, more steps, and relatively higher requirements for material tensile strength and elongation. Materials often need special heat treatment for use. While regular metal stamping can produce a large number of metal stamping consumer electronics with high-speed reciprocal actions in a short time, it often cannot create the seamlessly integrated complex structures seen in deep drawing due to forming ratio limitations.

Either you are in search of a Deep Drawing solution or desire to craft a desired shape through the assistance of Metal stamping procedure, our JCL professionals are ready to craft it as you want. Here is the procedure which our professional follow to achieve desired results.

Deep Drawing

In the entire deep draw manufacturing, our skilled professionals try to retain a suitable sheet metal. They professionally prepare blanks and utilise a punch to intricately shape the material into complex forms, including deep drawn aluminum enclosures, cold rolled steel deep drawn enclosures by cold rolled steel deep drawing, and stainless steel deep drawn enclosures. The addition in deep drawing parallels the meticulous steps in metal stamping, where tool and die design, blank cutting, punching, bending, forming, coining, trimming, precision surface finishing, and quality inspection collectively make sure to produce top-notch quality outcomes.

Metal Stamping 

On the other hand, in the metal stamping process, our professional selects the right sheet metal. Design tools and die accordingly. Cut blanks, create features with a punch and die, bend using a press brake, and shape with forming dies. The specialist applies extra pressure if required trim, and adds surface treatments. 


Benefits Of Choosing JCL For Your Custom Metal Stampings

We assist our valuable customers in convenient ways. Here are the satisfying solutions you can get from JCL that you can not get elsewhere:

  • High-Quality Manufacturing: Accuracy and Attention to detail are our priorities.

  • Valuable customer support: We offer responsive service to address customer needs and inquiries. 

  • JCL Ensures a Smooth Partnership: Our CSR team always Establishes collaborative relationships with clients to make deals valuable for both parties.

  • Meets Diverse Metal Stamping Requirements: Adapts to various project requirements, accommodating a wide range of metal stamping applications, ensuring to meet client's needs.

  • Leverage of Cutting-Edge Technologies: Our professional beneficial addition assists in automation for efficient and precise metal stamping.

  • Enables High-Volume Production: We implement rigorous quality control measures throughout the metal stamping processes to adopt a process to meet the demands of large-scale manufacturing.

  • Provide Affordable Pricing: We have created several strategies to provide worthy solutions at a reasonable price.

  • Never Compromise on Quality Assurance: The measurement is fundamental to our experts throughout the metal stamping process; we don’t compromise on quality.



What is custom metal stamping?

The process of extrusion forming used to produce parts in a particular required shape is called Custom metal stamping. Additionally, it incorporates placing flat sheet metal, in either coil or blank form, into a stamping press. While crafting in the press, a tool and die surface form the metal into the desired shape. Punching, blanking, custom sheet metal bending, coining, embossing, and flanging are the few stamping techniques used to shape.

Is metal stamping expensive?

It depends! The prices of metal stamping can be high based on several factors such as material, design complexity, tooling, production volume, precision needs, secondary operations, setup, and supplier choice. However, if you choose JCL for your metal stamping needs, we guarantee you will get a budget-friendly solution for all your metal needs. 

How much is the cost of custom stamping for a Vapour device?

The cost of custom stamping for a vapour device relies on several factors like design, material, and other stuff like that. We highly recommend you contact our JCL custom metal stamping services so that you can get the perfect quote that best fits your needs.


Choose JCL Custom Metal Stamping Service

JCL's offers guarantee optimal results for your specific metalworking needs. Whether you come from automotive, aerospace, electronics, or any sector, our deep-drawn components are meticulously crafted for optimal performance, durability, and precision. So, further Without delay, contact us to increase the success rate of your sheet metal product. At JCL, we're committed to pushing the boundaries of excellence in every industry we serve. 

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