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Metal Case

A stamping case is a hollow metal enclosure or housing made from deep working sheet metal. JCL custom fabricated metal case boxs are incredibly cost-effective, lightweight, durable, strong, and versatile. That’s why these custom metal cases are incredibly widespread in various industries and even homes. 

JCL custom metal box case collaborates closely with customers to understand their wants and needs. Our experienced team of engineers backs us with skilled personnel, advanced 3D modeling software, and a meticulous forming process. We provide flawless customer service and stamped casings.

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Key Features of Custom Metal Stamped Boxes Cases at JCL

Custom fabricated Metal Box and Cases

What matters when forming our casings…

Custom Metal Box Material

You can get your sheet metal enclosure fabrication in various metals like stainless steel deep drawing manufacturing, aluminum deep drawing, or copper deep drawing.

Custom Metal Box Shape & Size

JCL gives you different dimensions and simple and complex steel sheet box fabrication geometry.

Custom Metal Box Surface Finish

Your boxes are covered in various paints and coats or plated to fit environmental needs with JCD precision surface finishing.

Custom Metal Box Functional/Decorative Changes

We can punch holes, make slots, bosses, ribs, and flanges to your protective sheet metal box with our blanking die and press.


Custom Metal Box Cases Applications

Custom Metal Box Cases Applications

Custom Metal Box Cases in Automotive

Be it engine covers, transmission housings, exhaust manifolds, or body panels, deep drawn cases can offer much structural support, protect the engine components, and shape the exterior.

Custom Metal Box Cases in Electronics

Stamping casings also make different types of electrical boxes for outlets and connector housing, e.g., motherboard, mobile phone housing, circuit board enclosure, and electric ceiling box.

Custom Metal Box Cases in Appliances

The custom metal box is insulating and excellent for washing machine tubs, refrigerator doors, or oven cavities.

Custom Metal Box Cases in Medical Equipment

Metal stamp case storage also seals up, sterilizes, and protects medical instruments from contamination with JCL medical device component.

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Custom Metal Box Cases Benefits


The deep drawn metal stampings and mechanical hardwares are all automated and efficient. They are cost-efficient for mass production with custom metal cox cases .


This metal drawing method produces rather lightweight cases. These sheet metal cases lead to improved fuel efficiency, performance, and even payload capacity in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Custom Stamping Metal Boxes and Cases

Strength and Durability

When JCL sheet metal fabrication manufacturer deep draw the sheet metal, the custom stamping case becomes highly resistant to deformation, wear, and corrosion. This translates to longer life and increased reliability for you.

Design Versatility

Your metal stamping fabricated box cases can have various shapes and features with good dimensional accuracy.

Environmental Advantages

By punching metal in the deep drawing sheet metal process, JCL industrial metal stamping minimize the waste to almost nothingness and enable ready recycling.

Thermal Conductivity

Aluminium deep drawing has good thermal conductivity. This metal can dissipate heat evenly.

Electrical Conductivity

Copper stamp case conduct electricity readily, making them one of the best electrical junction box types. 


The stamp and die storage case is excellent for watertight or weatherproof requirements. 


Factors to Consider When Installing Metal Cases

Factors to Consider When Installing Metal Cases

  • Case Material and Thickness: Consider the application, environment, and thickness of your deep drawing metal.

  • Mounting Surface and Method: Choose a mounting method that securely attaches the stamped case boxes  and suits the surface.

  • Environmental factors: Consider metal's coatings, materials, and mounting methods to accommodate its corrosion-resistance and expansion and contraction properties,

  • Access and Maintenance: Your custom fabricated metal cases and boxes should have access panels big enough for maintenance. It also needs vents.

  • Grounding and Electrical Safety: Follow appropriate electrical codes and standards for grounding the stamping case to the building's electrical system. Use appropriate cable ties, conduits, or other protective measures.

  • Consult Installing Instructions from JCL: JCL custom metal boxes and case supplier makes each stamp case with specific installation requirements or recommendations. Always refer to the JCL manual instructions before proceeding.

JCL Now Offers Installation Support!

If you aren’t any good at installation, just call us to help you out. JCL custom metal box cases manufacturer is always available.


JCL Solution for Common Problems In Custom Metal Boxes Fabrications and Stamping

custom metal box problems and solutions

We have made an anecdotal list from observing our 12 years of customer process flow with custom sheet metal enclosures. Before we begin, remember that JCL is always…





Problem: Dimensional Inaccuracy

Symptoms: Misaligned components, difficulty in assembly, gaps or overlaps in case parts.

Solution: JCL custom metal boxes fabrication company employs a precision sheet metal punch tool and controls material properties and dimensions throughout production.

Problem: Surface Defects

Symptoms: Scratches, dents, uneven finishes, corrosion spots.

Solution: JCL custom metal boxes fabrication company carefully handles material and controls finishing processes like painting, coating, or plating.

Problem: Strength and Durability Issues

Symptoms: Cracks, deformations, early wear and tear under stress.

Solution: JCL custom metal boxes fabrication company selects high-quality, suitable materials, analyzes design requirements, and utilizes appropriate material thickness and extrusion forming.

Problem: Leaking

Symptoms: Moisture intrusion, component damage, corrosion.

Solution: JCL leak-proofs when welding, designs watertight seams, and weatherproofs, e.g., gaskets or coatings.

Problem: Delivery Delays or Errors

Symptoms: Missed deadlines, incomplete orders, incorrect parts delivered.

Solutions: JCL custom metal boxes fabrication company prioritizes efficient production flow and maintains accurate inventory control. We also track and update our orders to minimize delays and errors.


How to Custom and Buy Metal Box Cases from JCL

How to Custom and Buy Metal Box Cases from JCL

Custom Fabricated Metal Boxes Manufacturing and Process FLow

  • Inquiry: Contact JCL custom metal box supplier to clarify your needs.

  • Consultation: JCL Custom metal cases box manufacturer will appoint a consultation.

  • Request Quote: Submit an RFQ to JCL Custom metal cases box supplier, where you will outline the case requirements. Upon approval, we can begin the manufacturing process.

  • Prototyping: If you want, JCL deep draw manufacturing can provide pre-production samples before full-scale manufacturing begins.

  • Quality Inspection: We undergo rigorous inspections during and after production in each step to ensure it meets industry standards and required specifications.

  • Case Installation: You install the custom stamping case with our instructions, or let us do it for you.

  • Packaging & Shipping: We package it safely with your additional specifications and ship it on time.

  • Post-sale support: We keep providing even after delivery. Just call us if you have issues.


Custom Metal Box FAQs

What is the difference between stamping and fabrication?

By stamping, we mean pressing sheet metal into 3D shapes, ideal for mass production and complex curves. Whereas, fabrication refers to manual sheet metal cutting services and sheet metal welding services one-offs, prototypes, simpler designs, and finishing touches with simple designs—basically, all things low volume.

What is CNC stamping?

With CNC Metal stamping, we punch, blank, custom sheet metal bending, etc., to convert flat metal sheets into various shapes. We call the end product a metal component.

Why is a steel casing used?

Steel casings are used for their strength and versatility. These properties can protect different content and adapt to different shapes and sizes.

Does PC case size matter?

Yes. The PC case size matters when we consider what goes inside the case. Ideally, bigger cases can fit more advanced features apart from the basics. They can also ventilate the system more efficiently.

Custom Metal Box - Aluminium, Brass, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel Cases Stamping


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