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Copper Deep Drawing Components

Deep drawing transforms or mechanically deforms flat sheets of metal into a three-dimensional object through punch and die. With their excellent conduction, corrosion resistance, and ductility, Copper deep drawn parts are highly profitable.

JCL has decades experiences of precision engineering. We create unparalleled deep drawn stamping that meet the highest conductivity, durability, and design industry standards. You are in for the win with the perfect balance of performance, longevity, and cost-effectiveness.

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As your trusted partner, JCL goes beyond being a manufacturer. We're your solution architects for precision and innovation. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in China employs cutting-edge technology. We have a seasoned engineering team to guarantee tailored solutions.  Consider your electrical conductivity and thermal management amplified with complex shapes. 

We offer services from initial design consultations to on-time delivery. Your necessity is our 1st priority. That’s why we are your foremost choice for copper deep drawing components in China. Experience the JCL advantage—where expertise meets excellence.



Properties of Copper Deep-Drawing Components

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High Electrical Conductivity


Flexible and Versatile in Design


Corrosion Resistant




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Copper components are highly proficient for the performance optimization and longevity of electronics. Copper deep drawing components such as heat sinks can well manage thermal power for CPUs, GPUs, and other electronic modules. Additionally, copper deep drawing can create durable housings for electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets.


Copper deep drawing elements are terrific partners for performance and durability. They are particularly useful for radiator cores necessary for efficient engine heat transfer. In manufacturing, copper is handy in crafting fuel tanks because of its durability and corrosion resistance. It is also beneficial to utilize these components for battery housings and fuse boxes.


The aerospace industry requires copper deep-drawing for their lightness. Fuel tanks for aircraft also utilize copper components to balance structural integrity with weight efficiency. The way copper components manage heat also comes in use for producing heat exchangers.


In the medical field, copper drawing helps maintain precision. For instance, copper components are used with implantable medical devices like pacemakers and defibrillators for their durability. Surgical instruments are also made with these components. Many other diagnosis instruments also use copper.

Why Use Deep Drawn Copper Components?

Deep drawn copper components, when applied, provide efficient electrical conductivity, superior thermal management, and unparalleled design flexibility. Using copper for deep drawing components gives electrical systems exceptional conductivity.

Because copper is so malleable, it can easily transform into flexible, three-dimensional complex structures. This is how copper makes the transformations highly functional and meets specific requirements. Where heat dissipation is critical, copper is vital. It can efficiently conduct heat and dissipate it far and wide. It also makes components last longer by resisting corrosion. With our cutting-edge technology in deep drawing,, you can unlock new dimensions of performance and value in innumerable applications and industries.


Components in copper deep drawing are highly desirable for use in various applications. 

Here are some of the critical benefits they provide:

High Strength and Formability:

Copper has exceptional ductility. Components can meet product and application requirements from the complex shapes they can be bent into without compromising their strength.

Superior Electrical Conductivity:

Copper is a champion conductor of electricity, further driving better performance. The copper parts can transmit efficient electricity transmission with minimal loss.

Efficient Thermal Conductivity:

These components are a top choice for heat transfer applications. They dissipate heat away from sensitive parts optimally.


Deep drawing materials are a great choice because of their beautiful copper-toned finish. In case you prefer another finishing, we can coat or plate them for protection and color.

Natural Corrosion Resistance:

Copper deep drawing components resist corrosion in harsh environments or when sterility is required.

Recyclability and Cost-effectiveness:

These components are recyclable. 80% of all ever-mined copper is still in use today. This makes it a more lasting fetch.

Weight Efficiency: 

Copper drawing components are indispensable for aerospace and automotive applications for https://www.hudson-technologies.com/their lightness. Their weight efficiency critically enhances fuel efficiency and performance.

How Can JCL Help? 


  • High Precision and Accuracy: JCL creates copper drawing elements that accurately fit your exact specifications without needing rework.

  • Exceptional Surface Finish: We polish our creations to a smooth, blemish-free surface with a suitable finish every time to improve performance and aesthetics.

  • Strength and Durability: Copper is innately robust but ductile. So we ensure we choose the right temper.

  • Corrosion Resistance: JCL makes you the ideal anti-corrodable copper deep drawing materials for your usage environment.

  • Maximum Conductivity: We make our components with high-quality copper for efficient performance. 

  • Dimensional Stability: You can count on our components to maintain their shape and dimensions over time and under various conditions.

  • Customizability: We are ready to create unique shapes and features to unlock innovative applications for you.




  • Unmatched Expertise and Experience: JCL houses a team of skilled engineers who can bring the most innovative solutions with optimized performance and accuracy to the most complex plans.

  • Relentless Focus on Quality: JCL implements rigorous steps every stage to get the ideal quality, durability and finish.

  • Innovation and Customization: We welcome custom design challenges and work with customers to develop unique and effective deep-drawn copper solutions.

  • Customer Oriented: At JCL, we collaborate with our customers with open communication. Meanwhile, our support service is readily available for your inquiries and quotes.


Tools For Copper Deep Drawing Components

Drawing Press Machine

At JCL, we form copper deep drawing components with a press machine. Through this press machine, we create a tremendous force on the copper sheet and shape it. The deep drawing press machine determines the pressure and speed of the deep drawing process.


Die helps to give the desired shape to the copper deep drawing components. The die is made of steel and its cavity aligns with the copper components' shape. Dies ensure the accuracy and consistency of shape in all the copper deep drawing components.


A punch is a rod typically made with metal. We will use a punch to fit the copper sheet into the die and help it to form the shape of deep drawing components. Die and punch need to function cooperatively to manufacture accurate and complex deep-drawing components.

Blank Holder

During the deep drawing process, the blank holder holds the copper sheet tightly in one place so that it doesn’t move or wrinkle. To have a perfect shape it’s essential the copper sheet goes straight into the die.


Lubricants are also a very crucial element for the copper deep drawing process. They are like soap or oil and are used on the punch, die and copper sheet. These are used to minimize the friction between the deep drawing tools and the copper sheet. So it becomes smoother to draw the copper sheet into the die without any damage.

Copper Sheet and Gauges JCL Offer

JCL offers many types of copper sheets and gauges for manufacturing copper deep drawing. You can know about a few of them from the tables below.

Copper Sheets



Pure Copper Sheet

  • 99.9% copper

  • 0.5mm to 6mm thickness

  • Electronics

  • Architectural application

Copper Alloy

  • Easily blended with other materials

  • Increase strength and hardness

  • Specialized industrial uses

Pre-Patinated Copper

  • Natural patina finish

  • Weather resistant

  • Roofing component

  • Interior design

Textured Copper 

  • Surface treatments

  • Decorative textures

  • Architectural Component

Copper Gauges



Electrical Copper Wires and Cables

  • 8 AWG to 36 AWG gauge range

  • Good at corrosion resistance

  • Electrical applications

Copper Tubing and Piping

  • Corrosion and scale resistant

  • Plumbing

  • HVAC systems

Copper Strips and Foils

  • 8 AWG to 36 AWG gauge range

  • High malleability

  • Industrial Parts


Copper Grades & Their Properties



Key Properties

Ideal Applications

C11000 (ETP Copper)

Electrolytic Tough Pitch

Very high purity and conductivity Soft and ductile

Excellent deep draw ability

Electrical conductor wires, heat exchangers, decorative applications

C110000 (C110)

Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper (High Conductivity)

Superior electrical conductivity over C11000 

Slightly less ductile

High-frequency electrical components, 


C12100 (Free-Cutting Copper)


Improved machinability Good deep drawability Moderate conductivity

Screw machine parts, fasteners, 

complex shapes

C14200 (Phosphor Bronze)

Tin and phosphorus alloy

High springiness and fatigue resistance Moderate strength and conductivity 

Good deep drawability

Bellows, diaphragms, electrical contacts, 


C19400 (Arsenical Copper)

Arsenic alloy

Improved strength and hardness Good corrosion resistance Moderate deep drawability

Pressure vessels, 


heat exchangers

C21000 (Gilding Brass)

Zinc alloy (5-8%)

Good corrosion resistance and color 

Moderate strength and conductivity 

Good deep drawability


decorative trims, 

musical instruments

C26000 (Cartridge Brass)

Zinc alloy (30-33%)

High strength and hardness 

Good wear resistance 

Limited deep drawability due to lower ductility

Cartridge cases, ammunition components, springs


Types of Deep Drawing Techniques

  • Simple Deep Drawing: This drawing has straight sides and shallow depth. It is used for basic shapes.

  • Complex Deep Drawing: This design has multiple draws and intricate shapes which require advanced tooling.

  • Reverse Deep Drawing: To create this design, we draw the material inward and create a raised form.

  • Thin-Wall Drawing: This design demands the thinnest layer of copper. We push the limits of copper's ductility to create ultra-thin components.


Quality Assurance

JCL ensures all-time top-tier quality for its copper components. We examine the quality of every step of the process for accuracy and excellence. And with our advanced tooling and equipment against the expertise of skilled engineers, quality is guaranteed. Quality assurance for manufacturing copper deep drawing piece at JCL begins with selecting high-quality copper sheets to transform from certified copper sources with traceability.

We analyze the copper for composition, strength, ductility, and other properties to ensure it can undergo deep drawing. This is essential for maintaining optimal conductivity and purity. We further analyze with finite element analysis software to help predict potential issues like wrinkling or tearing and make pre-emptive adjustments. Statistical process control is another measure that optimizes quality.

Then, we forward to dimensional inspection and measurement with high-precision measurement tools and delicate and non-destructive testing methods. With a robust quality management system, like ISO 9001, and keeping up with the latest advancements in laser cutting, robotics, and innovative materials, we further elevate the quality bar. 

Ultimately, we deliver copper manufacturing built to perform flawlessly and reliably and add lasting value to the applications they serve.


Industries Served

Industries Served

JCL's copper deep-drawing components have found widespread use in multiple industries. Some of the significant industries and applications that benefit from our copper deep drawing components include:

  • Automotive: We provide custom solutions to meet automotive industry needs like fuel systems, transmissions, and power steering pumps.

  • Aerospace: Our aerospace applications include engine components, fittings, and connectors.

  • Electrical: We cater to the needs of the electrical industry with our high-quality copper components for transformers, switches, and other electronic devices.

  • Medical: Our medical-grade copper components serve the unique requirements of the healthcare industry for surgical instruments and equipment.

  • Home Appliances: We offer deep-drawing elements for refrigerators, air conditioners, and other small appliances.

  • Plumbing and HVAC: We provide solutions for plumbing fixtures like valves and fittings and heating and cooling systems with our copper deep drawn components.



What are the main parameters of deep drawing?

These parameters are usually heeded in deep drawing: blank size and shape, punch and die geometry, blank holding force, punch speed, the drawing ratio, radial clearance percentage.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in deep drawing?

Metal fracture, wrinkling, tearing, and rippling are the most common deep drawing mistakes.

What is the typical thickness range of copper deep drawing?

Copper deep drawing can produce components with a thickness range of 0.5 to 4.00 millimeters, although thinner or thicker ranges may be possible with specialized processes and equipment.


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