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Connector Housing Metal Stamping Service

The adaptor USB to type C connector is widely used in multiple electronic applications and comprises a very versatile design. It is used in tablets, laptops and smartphones. This adaptor USB to type C connector also helps with data transfer and comprises a high power for fast charging of electronic devices.

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How Metal Stamping Makes Connectors and Adaptor USB to Type C

Metal stamping is an effective method for producing high volumes of precise components. Type C connectors manufactured using metal stamping is a cost-effective method for manufacturing USB C metal housing. The price of manufacturing USB connector metal stamping involves using the process of extrusion forming and pressing metal sheets in required shapes and specifications.

JCL is known to manufacture finest quality usb c metal housing and the product specifications for the C type cable connector offered by them comprise the following:

  • Metal stamping offers precision for its C type cable connector equipped with tight tolerance.

  • Metal stamped usb type c metal housing offered by JCL is manufactured in large quantities through rapid manufacturing.

  • The USB C metal housing offered by JCL is offered in multiple material options, these metals are copper deep drawing, aluminum deep drawing and others based on required application.

  • The strength of the USB c metal housing offered by JCL are open to customization, based on specific design required by application and these are highly durable and strength oriented.


USB4 Gen 3 Type-C Connector

JCL C Type Cable Connector Part Specifications

Common C type cable connector has the following specifications:

  • Type of Connector Part

Every type of C type cable connector part has its own metal housing offered with versatility.

  • Compatibility of Connector

C type cable connector part offered by JCL offers compatibility, there are other types of USB type connectors which comply with standards.

  • Material Opted for Connector

This connector metal housing is equipped with high grade metal alloys which comprise of aluminium deep drawing, copper deep drawing and stainless steel deep drawing manufacturing, these metals offer conductivity as well as strength.

  • Connector Dimensions

The connector housing offered by JCL produced through metal stamping comprises precise dimensions that meet industry specifications.

  • Finishing Process for Connector

These USB C metal housings can be equipped with multiple options for finishing and coating to add resistance against corrosion.

  • Level of Precision and Tolerance 

These metal housings have high precision and tight tolerance that ensures fine connectivity for USB.

  • Customization Offered

Different USBs have different shell designs and pin configurations and require a different type of precision surface finishing based on the application requirements.

  • Compliance with Industry Standards

The USB connector metal housing is compliant with USB-IF standards and certifications offering performance and reliability.


C Type Cable Connector and Housing Challenges Solutions

JCL is equipped with providing solutions for the different challenges that customers may come across when it comes to manufacturing a housing for connector.

  • Meeting Demand for Multiple Devices

Customers look for type C USB connectors that are suitable for connecting with various devices that are needed by different applications. Hence, we may offer compatibility for multiple devices.

  • Reliability and Durability Concerns

Many customers are concerned about the long term durability of the connectors and we ensure that our metal stamped connectors are equipped with precise engineering and are manufactured using high quality materials which ensure durability.

  • Required Customization

Many customers require connectors which are designed to tailor specific designs and they cater multiple such specific applications which we offer at JCL sheet metal fabrication manufacturer to meet the demands of our clients.


Why Choose JCL C Type Cable Connector and Housing

Why Choose JCL C Type Cable Connector and Housing

There are various reasons that may compel you to opt for JCL for the connector metal stamping services and some of these reasons are as follows:

Experience in Metal Stamping

Our company has years of experience which ensures our expertise in the field of metal stamping and metal stamping consumer electronics. We have a specialized team that is known for producing high quality connector parts. We implement innovative technologies so that connectors that we produce are equipped with innovation as well as top-notch quality.

Customized Metal Stamping

Understanding that each of our customers has their own unique requirements that are needed to be met because of the specific applications of the connectors we aim to offer customized solutions. We tailor the design and specifications for these connectors so that they may suit your industrial metal stamping.

Seamless Quality 

At JCL our usb connector metal stamping services are equipped with finest quality. To attain high level quality in these connectors we ensure to carry out stringent quality inspection throughout our deep draw manufacturing and this helps us to ensure that every connector meets the industry standards.

Competitive Advantage

JCL is known to offer a competitive edge when you opt for our metal stamping services for connectors. We are committed to offer our customers with precision, innovation and high quality and hence these connectors have the ability to stand out among other service providers.


How to Get C Type Cable Connector and Housings?

At JCL, our team is always ready to cater our customers with the easiest process to place their orders for types of connectors and connector housingwith us. The following is the process that you can opt for when it comes to getting in touch.


  • Consultation Regarding your Requirement
    Consultation Regarding your Requirement

    You can get in touch with our team for consultation at the start and you can specify your requirement that comprises specifications, design and layout and the quantity you may need.

  • Customization Phase
    Customization Phase

    After we have understood your requirements, our team of experts collaborated with you so that we can customize the USB type C connector with you. We always offer recommendations based on our expertise to offer you designs that align with perfection.

  • Final Production and Quality Check
    Final Production and Quality Check

    After the design stage is finalized we carry out the manufacturing process for the type C USB connectors, we ensure stringent quality controls are met and the final product is also tested for quality before shipping.

  • Stage of Delivery
    Stage of Delivery

    Our team packs the connectors once manufactured and tested and prepares them for delivery. At JCL we offer multiple delivery options based on your requirements so that your products reach you safely on time. Apart from this you can anytime get in touch with us for further support once you receive the products and we are always there to assist you.

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