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Custom Sheet Metal Covers & Caps

Metal covers and caps provide excellent protection against several environmental factors like sun, rain, heat and any other external force. These metal covers and metal caps are designed and fabricated for individual products and their size is totally dependent on the product size.

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Sheet Metal Covers & Caps Fabrication

Sheet metal covers and caps are selected for different products as they provide following outcomes

  • Increased product durability due to metallic materials used

  • Corrosion resistance of particular product area or complete product

  • Custom design to fit the custom product needs

  • Very easy to install

  • Does not need any maintenance

  • Provide various color option for any given design 

  • Metallic material not only provides protection against the environment, it also adds structural support.


Sheet Metal Covers & Caps Fabrication

Unique Feature of JCL Sheet Metal Covers and Caps

JCL being a leading sheet metal fabrication workshop in China, provides sheet metal covers and metal caps with following unique properties

  • Our all products of coves and caps have their own unique classic & aesthetics architectural design and style

  • All sheet metal caps and covers fabricated have excellent durability and scratch resistance

  • High quality material used for covers and caps fabrication ensures excellent temperature resistance. 

  • As most products are installed in open public areas so our all products have smooth and attractive appearance

  • JCL fabricate covers and caps from materials that are easy to form into shape and need less resource to fabricate

  • All material use in covers and caps fabrication are recyclable and are environment friendly

  • JCL offer metal covers and metal caps in all available colors and appearances like silver, brown, matte black, white color and more


Sheet Metal Covers and Caps Applications

Sheet Metal Covers and Caps Applications

Sheet metal covers and caps have various applications in different industries. Their versatile use is due to their durability, versatility and protective qualities. Few examples of sheet metal covers and caps applications in different industries are.

Construction Industry

Sheet Metal Beam Caps 

Sheet metal beam caps are widely used in construction and it is one of the biggest applications of sheet metal covers and metal caps. 

These covers and caps designed for individual beams are applied to the ends of structural beams to protect them and do reinforcement. 

These caps shield the beam ends from environmental elements like rain and prevent corrosion. These caps also add structural integrity and also increase aesthetic appeal to the construction.

Column Caps

Sheet metal column caps are just like beam caps and are used to protect the tops of vertical building supports called columns. These caps help prevent water ingress. This is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of columns in different construction projects.

Connector Plates

Sheet metal connector plates are used to join wooden trusses or beams. These plates are hollow with cross sections depending on the shape of the wooden beam or truss to connect. These plates provide stability and prevent separation between the connected members.

Roofing Industry

Roof Flashings 

Sheet metal caps made of materials like aluminum and galvanized steel. They are used for roof flashings. Roof flashings are areas where the roof meets a vertical surface. They are also installed around roof penetrations like around chimneys or around vents. Roof flashing prevents water leakage and also enhances the overall waterproofing of the roof.

Ridge Caps

These are used at the peak of a sloped roof to cover the joint where two roof slopes meet. Ridge caps prevent water infiltration, protect against wind-driven rain, and contribute to the overall aesthetics of the roofing system.

Sheet Metal Covers and Caps Applications

Industrial Applications

Equipment Caps 

Sheet metal caps can be used to cover and also protect different equipment and machinery. Caps help prevent dust, debris and moisture from entering critical components. This ensures the longevity and reliability of the equipment.

Pipe Caps

Metal caps are also used to close the ends of pipes in different industrial applications. This protects the pipe ends from damage and also prevents the entry of contaminants into the pipes.

Duct Caps

In heating ventilation and air conditioning systems metal caps are used to cap the duct ends. This ensures that the duct remains closed. This prevents air leak and also maintains the efficiency of the HVAC system.


Sheet Metal Covers and Caps Materials

JCL has all the required materials for custom fabrication of sheet metal covers and caps. JCL material library contain but not limited to

Galvanized Steel 

  • Corrosion-resistant 

  • Durable choice for outdoor applications


  • Lightweight 

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Ideal for roofing & outdoor use

Stainless Steel 

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Strong metal suitable for various applications


  • Distinctive appearance

  • Corrosion resistance 

  • Architectural appeal


  • Self-healing

  • Durable

  • Commonly used in roofing applications


  • Attractive

  • Corrosion-resistant alloy for decorative use

  • Architectural use

Pre-painted Steel/Aluminum 

  • Coated for protection 

  • Aesthetic versatility.

Cold-Rolled Steel 

  • Processed at room temperature

  • Providing strength and accuracy

Corten Steel 

  • Weathering steel 

  • Rust-like appearance

  •  Unique aesthetics


Fabrication Process of Sheet Metal Covers and Caps


It all depends on the design, materials and quantity of the metal cover and metal caps needed for the custom product. There are four basic sheet metal fabrication process that can be involve in fabrication of covers and caps.

Sheet Metal Cutting

Sheet metal cutting is used to cut metal sheets to the exact size needed for the fabrication of metal covers and caps.

Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet metal bending is used to bend cutted metal sheets. This help achieve the desire shape of the metal cover and metal cap

Sheet Metal Stamping

Sheet metal stamping is used to creat the exact profile shape on cutted and bended sheets of metal. This gives the final shape to metal covers and caps

Sheet Metal Welding

Sheet metal welding is used to weld meeting edges and corners. Spot welding is the most preferred process for sheet metal covers and caps.

Why JCL for Fabrication of Sheet Metal Covers and Caps

JCL offers the best value of its client product, effort, time and money. JCL dedicated workshop make sure its customer get the best experience. At JCL all workers are highly qualified and trained to deliver excellence.


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