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Metal Stamping Stylus Pen Clips

A stylus pen clip is a small metal attachment to a pen. This is designed to make the pen easily accessible and prevent it from rolling away or getting lost. 

To make it functional, its manufacturing needs attention to detail. At JCL our expert manufacturer and engineer team ensure the quality of your stylus pen clip. Through custom metal stamping and careful manufacturing, we make functional, aesthetic and durable stylus pen clips for you.  

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Your #1 Custom Metal Stamping Stylus Pen Clip Manufacturer in China

JCL is one of the most reliable stylus pen clip manufacturers in China. Our professional and expert team can manufacture stylus pen clips in different sizes, colors and materials according to your preferences. To provide quality products and services, we go beyond manufacturing.

At JCL we promise to provide high-quality products at a compatible price. We take full responsibility from initial design to on-time delivery. That’s why we are the first choice for companies for metal stamping manufacturing in China.

Deep Drawing and Metal Stamping Stylus Pen Clip

About Stylus Pen Clip

A stylus pen clip is a small metal piece attached to pens and pencils to hold them in pockets or books. The clip needs to be functional while also looking nice. It can be made from different kinds of materials depending on how strong and decorative the clip you want.

About Pen Clip

Our expert engineering team uses custom metal stamping tools and metal forming technologies to cut and form the clips precisely to your specifications. precision and attention during metal stamping allow us to make highly functional stylus pen clips for your daily use.

Take a look the materials you can choose to customize your stylus pen clips:




Stainless Steel

  • Strong and durable

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Stainless steel 304 commonly used

  • High hardness

  • High tensile strength

  • Withstand high stress and strain

  • Not easily breakable

Stainless steel deep drawing manufacturing


  • Lightweight

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Anodized aluminum commonly used

  • Low density

  • Highly conductive to heat

  • Soft metal, can bend and take shape

  • Prone to surface scratching

Aluminium deep drawing


  • Extremely strong

  • Lightweight

  • Resistant to corrosion and acids

  • High strength-to-weight ratio

  • Biocompatible and hypoallergenic

  • Low thermal conductivity

Titanium deep drawing


  • Attractive gold appearance

  • Strong and durable alloy

  • Good acoustic resonance

  • Naturally antimicrobial

  • Prone to tarnishing and corrosion

Brass metal stamping

Plastic Polymers

  • Lightweight

  • Color options

  • Low cost

  • Flexible/rigid options

  • Impact and scratch resistant selections

  • Not as durable as metals

Plastic Polymers deep drawing


About JCL

JCL is one of the best global manufacturers, providing quality products to companies worldwide. We strongly adhere to our principles of trust, honesty and communication in our whole working process.

Our team is skilled in techniques like laser cutting, fabrication, machining and manufacturing. We manufacture customized products suited to each client. Companies trust JCL sheet metal fabrication manufacturer for customized, affordable, high-quality solutions. Working with JCL gives them confidence because of our consistent precision and focus on satisfying our customers.


Why Choose JCL for Custom Metal Stamping Stylus Pen Clip

  • We have years of experience efficiently metal stamping to manufacture quality stylus pen clips. We manufacture customized stylus pen clips to meet stringent functionality and precision requirements.

  • Our skilled engineers choose optimal metal hardness, thickness, and alloy composition to get the desired balance of spring tension, durability, malleability and precision surface finishing.

  • We expertly craft progressive and transfer stamping dies with tight tolerances capable of mass-producing complex stylus pen clip geometries within +/- 0.1mm accuracy.

  • We use quality materials and metals for metal stamping consumer electronics,  like stainless steel, brass, and titanium that are corrosion-resistant, smooth, and able to make a fine finish product.

  • We understand the value of new technology and innovation for manufacturing well-crafted products. That’s why we used the most advanced technology and machinery to manufacture

  • We always focus on our clients' demands and requirements. We collaborate with our customers and manufacture products according to their preferences.


Why Choose JCL

Benefits of Using JCL’s Custom Metal Stamping Stylus Pen Clip

Precise Manufacturing

JCL carefully metal stamps each pen clip to ensure excellent quality and functional products. 

Unique Designs

Custom stamping allows us to design unique pen clips that give your pen a different look. 


We use strong metals so the clips last long with regular handling.


We can stamp clips matching your specific size, shape and use needs.

Attractive Details

Our process applies beautiful detailed markings for sophisticated styling.

Consistent Quality

JCL's expertise ensures each clip meets high industry standards.

Versatile Options

Custom stamping provides many possible shapes, styles and branding options for your products

Polished Appearance

Our exclusive clips lend pens a professional, premium look for all purposes.

Process Flow for Custom Metal Stamping Stylus Pen Clip

  1. For giving you can contact JCL through different mediums online to discuss your stylus pen clip requirements with our experts.

  2. If you are looking for customized stylus pen clips, you can discuss it with our team and they will closely study your design to plan the most effective production approach.

  3. Once the design is finalized, our engineering team will kick off the industrial metal stamping to manufacture your products.

  4. We carefully check that strict precision and performance standards are met at every step.

  5. After finishing production, we fully test the products. This quality inspection ensures they match all your specifications. 

  6. At last, through our logistic channels, we shipped your products promptly to your destination

Our customer-focused process ensures that you have a smooth experience from ordering to receiving your products.



What is a custom metal stamped stylus pen clip? 

A stylus pen clip is a small metal piece attached to pens to hold them in place. Custom metal stamping helps to manufacture unique clips of different shapes, sizes and designs.

What metals can you use to make a custom stylus pen clip? 

You can choose different metals for it like stainless steel for durability, brass, titanium and spring steel for flexibility to open/close smoothly. You can choose metal according to your preference of visual and functional needs.

How do you custom-stamp a metal stylus pen clip? 

Custom stamping uses steel dies engraved with the desired clip shape/pattern. High-pressure stamping forms the clip by sheet metal cutting services and custom sheet metal bending into 3D parts matching the die design.

What finishes can you put on custom-stamped stylus pen clips? 

Metal stamped stylus pen clips can have polished, brushed, or coated finishes. Extra finishes like PVD colors, laser engraving, spray paint, and printed logos expand options for aesthetics and branding.



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