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Metal Shelf Brackets Manufacturer From China

Metal Shelf Brackets Manufacturer From China

JCL specializes in manufacturing decorative metal shelf brackets that can hold up to 500 lbs plus static load.

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About Our Metal Shelf Brackets

Our metal shelf brackets are made from high quality ASTM standard based materials like stainless steel.

We offer decorative, heavy duty, and adjustable metal shelf brackets in various standard and custom sizes. We have a bracket for you from 4 to 20 inches in 8 different color schemes. You can ask for any custom paint job as well. JCL also offers 7 different types of surface finishes for its metal shelf bracket including powder coating, anodizing and galvanizing.

Contact JCL for your custom metal shelf bracket and our team will talk you through the process.


Our Inventory of Metal shelf brackets


  • Metal Wall Shelf Brackets
    Metal Wall Shelf Brackets

    Our metal wall shield brackets are made from A366 cold rolled steel to hold any type of domestic load of at least 200 lbs. You can get these brackets in any size, color, and surface finish.

  • Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets Metal
    Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets Metal

    We fabricated our heavy duty shield bracket from a 3 to 6 mm thick AISI 1018 cold rolled steel. A pair of these brackets can take a load of more than 500 lbs.

  • Metal Shelf Brackets For Wood Shelves
    Metal Shelf Brackets For Wood Shelves

    We offer metal shield brackets from wood shelves with custom paint job and surface finish for aesthetic purposes. You can choose any material, color, and surface finish as per your own needs.

  • Ornamental Shelf Brackets Metal
    Ornamental Shelf Brackets Metal

    We fabricate custom ornamental shelf brackets and deliver them with either brush finish or polish finish to increase their beauty. You can ask for any custom design for these brackets.

  • Adjustable Metal Shelf Brackets
    Adjustable Metal Shelf Brackets

    Our adjustable metal shelf brackets allow adjustment in height and position of the shelf. These types of rackets are essential in the areas where adaptable storage is necessary.

  • Closet Shelf Brackets Metal
    Closet Shelf Brackets Metal

    Our closet shelf brackets are designed to organize the storage space in the closet and capable of holding heavy cloths, shoes, and storage items.

  • Metal Cabinet Shelf Brackets
    Metal Cabinet Shelf Brackets

    We offer cabinet shelf brackets that are essential for cabinets to support items like dishes and pantry items. These are small stainless steel or aluminum brackets with no paint job or specific surface finish.

  • Metal Pipe Shelf Brackets
    Metal Pipe Shelf Brackets

    Our pipe shelf brackets are designed from heavy duty industrial pipe and provide a unique shelving solution.

  • Cantilever Shelf Brackets Metal
    Cantilever Shelf Brackets Metal

    Our unique design of the cantilever shelf brackets allow the shelves mounted to the wales without visible support and ideal for maximizing storage in the tight spaces.

Different Sizes of Metal Shelf Bracket
Different Sizes of Metal Shelf Bracket

Large Metal Shelf Brackets

JCL offers all types of large size metal shield brackets made from steel and titanium to resist heavy load of more than 500 lbs. Some of the standard sizes we offer are

  • 10 inch metal shelf brackets

  • 12 inch metal shelf brackets

  • 14 inch metal shelf brackets

  • 16 inch metal shelf brackets

  • 18 inch metal shelf brackets

  • 20 metal shelf brackets

Small Metal Shelf Brackets

JCL also fabricates all types of small metal shelf brackets made from aluminum and brass for lightweight application. We offer all standard sizes and process any custom order.

  • 4 inch metal shelf brackets

  • 6 inch metal shelf brackets

  • 8 inch metal shelf brackets

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Material Option for Metal shelf Bracket

You can choose any metal from ASTM standards for your shelf bracket. We have all the metals that are currently being used for bracket manufacturing. Some commonly use metals for shelf brackets are

  • A366 Cold Rolled Steel

  • AISI 1018 Cold Rolled Steel

  • A36 Hot Rolled Steel

  • 304 Stainless Steel

  • 316 Stainless Steel

  • 6061-T6 Aluminum

  • 5052-H32 Aluminum

  • C360 Brass

You can order any other material that you feel is needed for your custom application.


Material Option for Metal shelf Bracket
Different Colors Options For Our Metal Shelf Bracket
Different Colors Options For Our Metal Shelf Bracket

You can choose any color for your decorative metal shelf bracket to best fit your applications. We offer all standard and custom color options used in industry.

  • Black

  • White

  • Gray

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Chrome

  • Brown

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Choose Custom Surface Finish for Your Bracket

JCL enables you to choose any surface finish for your metal shelf bracket based on how you plan to use it. We offer all types of metal surface finishes at a very reasonable price.

  • Powder Coating: Black, White, Gray, Bronze

  • Anodizing (for aluminum): Clear, Black, Bronze, Gold

  • Plating: Chrome, Zinc (Clear, Yellow)

  • Brushed Finish: Typically for stainless steel

  • Polished Finish: High-gloss shine, often for stainless steel or brass

  • Galvanized: Silver, for rust resistance on steel

  • Mill Finish: Natural finish with no additional coating, common for aluminum


Choose Custom Surface Finish for Your Bracket
Application Of Metal Shelf Brackets


Home Shelving And Retail Stores
Home Shelving And Retail Stores

Shelf brackets perfect for supporting the shelves holding books, decorative pieces, kitchenware, and more.

Food Industries
Food Industries

In cafes, restaurants, metal shelf brackets are used for holding kitchenware, utensils, cookware, and more.

Industrial Application
Industrial Application

Meat shelf brackets used for storing equipment, tools, and raw material in factories, workshops, and manufacturing industries.

Commercial Spaces
Commercial Spaces

Suitable for supporting heavy loads in libraries, storage rooms, workspaces, offices, and warehouses and organizing files, supplies, and equipment.

Why Work With JCL

High standard of Manufacturing: At JCL we only use high quality materials that satisfy ASTM, AISIm and JIS standards. Our manufacturing facilities and processes are as per ASME and ISO international standards.

Customization: JCL offers its client to choose from several different designs, material, size, color and surface finish. We also offer our clients total freedom of providing any custom requirements for their metal shelf bracket.

Quality Control: We follow ISO rules and regulations for all our processes. Quality check is performed from material to processing to final product.

Customer Support: Our success lies in our unmatchable customer support. We have a dedicated team of professionals that make customers their top most priority.

Contact Us and our team will talk you through the entire process of getting you a custom metal shelf bracket.


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