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Metal Mantel Brackets Manufacturer In China

Metal Mantel Brackets Manufacturer In China

JCL is the China leader fabricator of metal mantel brackets that can resist high temperatures and support top loads of 500 lbs.

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About Our Metal Mantel Brackets

Our metal mantel brackets are meticulously designed to combine robust strength with aesthetic elegance.

We only manufacture our brackets from iron and steel that satisfy ASTM standard and deliver our products with brushed finishes of black color paint. You can choose from a variety of our inventory designs and can ask for any size from 4 to 20 inches or even greater.

We prioritize our custom, so just Contact Us and our team will lead you through the entire process.


Our Inventory of Metal Mantel Brackets


  • Heavy Duty Mantel Brackets
    Heavy Duty Mantel Brackets

    We offer utmost stability of your mantel with our heavy duty mantel brackets. Made from AISI 1018 Carbon Steel these brackets offer high bending strength and support 500 lbs.

  • Rustic Mantel Brackets
    Rustic Mantel Brackets

    We offer simple but robust brackets through our rustic mantel brackets. Made from high quality ASTM standard based A36 Carbon Steel plates to support 250 lbs.

  • Mantle Hanging Brackets
    Mantle Hanging Brackets

    Our mantel hanging brackets are designed to mount mantels using a floating effect. Fabricated from AISI 1045 Carbon Steel or 4140 Alloy Steel to get design strength.

  • Floating Mantel Bracket
    Floating Mantel Bracket

    We offer mantel brackets that have the least visible area under the mantel. Depending on load requirements, these can be made with structural steel or tool steel.

  • Farmhouse Mantel
    Farmhouse Mantel

    Add the warm and homey look of farmhouse style using our farmhouse mantels. With distress finishes these mantels give a cozy impression to rural scenery.

  • Hidden Mantel Brackets
    Hidden Mantel Brackets

    We offer hidden mantel brackets that are built right inside the mantel. You can choose from 4 different materials including structural and carbon steel.

Advantages Of Using Metal Mantel Brackets


Durability and Strength
Durability and Strength

Metal mantel brackets are significantly more durable and stronger compared to other materials like wood or concrete.

Resistance to Environmental Factors
Resistance to Environmental Factors

Metal brackets are generally more resistant to environmental factors such as humidity, temperature changes, and pests.

Aesthetic Versatility
Aesthetic Versatility

Metal brackets offer a wide range of aesthetic options. They can be crafted into various designs, from sleek and modern to ornate and traditional.

Ease of Installation
Ease of Installation

Metal mantel brackets are easier to install than other brackets made from wood or concrete. They are typically lighter in weight compared to other material brackets.

Best Material Grades for metal mantel brackets
Best Material Grades for metal mantel brackets

At JCL we only use steel grades that satisfy ASTM and AISI standards and provide required strength to our metal mantel brackets. We are currently processing the following materials for bracket manufacturing.

  • A36 Carbon Steel

  • AISI 1018 Carbon Steel

  • AISI 1020 Carbon Steel

  • AISI 1045 Carbon Steel

  • 4140 Alloy Steel

  • 4340 Alloy Steel

  • 8620 Alloy Steel

  • 304 Stainless Steel

  • 316 Stainless Steel

  • A2 Tool Steel

  • S235 Structural Steel

  • A366 Cold Rolled Steel

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Why Work With Jcl For Your Product

Easy Customization: JCL dedicated sheet metal workshops enable us to provide any custom design our client asked for their mantel brackets.

Standard Manufacturing Practices: We are ISO certified sheet metal fabricators and all our materials are based and tested as per AISI and ASTM standard respectively.

Quality Control: We perform inspection on each and every stage of manufacturing, from material intake to sheet metal fabrication to final product.

Best Policies: JCL practice client first practice and we have a dedicated team for this purpose.

Contact Us and our team will talk you through the process of getting your metal mantel brackets.

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