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Waterproof Enclosure Fabricator

Waterproof Enclosure Fabricator

JCL offers high quality and standardized manufacturing of waterproof enclosures for electrical and electronics devices used across various industries. With over a decade of expertise in the sheet metal fabrication industry JCL offers metal enclosures satisfying both NEMA and IP rating. 

With our dedicated shops for sheet metal cutting, bending, punching, and stamping we can fabricate any design and deliver products to a wide range of outdoor industrial applications. With the freedom of selecting any commercial or custom material, JCL offers its customers a true value of their money. 

JCL team is always ready to collaborate with its customers for design and fabrication of their custom waterproof enclosure. 

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Different Waterproof Enclosure Offered by JCL

Waterproof enclosures are one of the most important parts of our electrical and electronics related industry. They provide a safe environment for all those electrical and electronic devices whose working can be compromised in the presence of water or moisture. 

These metal enclosures also protect inside equipment from sunlight, heat, dust, and other external factors like birds.

JCL is dedicated to delivering any type of custom waterproof enclosure fabrication services to its customers. Our most in demand products are


NEMA Waterproof Enclosures
NEMA Waterproof Enclosures

National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA) issues a rating for NEMA waterproof enclosures and JCL delivers standard NEMA weatherproof enclosures for all NEMA ratings. Our waterproof NEMA enclosures can be fabricated from different materials like aluminum, steel, stainless steel, etc with each satisfying NEMA rating like NEMA 6P rating waterproof electrical enclosure.

NEMA Stainless Steel Enclosure
NEMA Stainless Steel Enclosure

NEMA stainless steel enclosures are best for outdoor applications where protection against harsh environmental factors like heat, moisture, and pressure is needed. JCL stainless steel enclosures are made from high quality materials delivering NEMA rating of up to NEMA 4X. Our product can also have features like hinged doors with high quality latch for ease and security. We are fully capable of delivering a custom made NEMA stainless steel enclosure as per customer needs.

Aluminum Box Waterproof
Aluminum Box Waterproof

Our aluminum box waterproof is developed from high quality aluminum alloys. The waterproof electrical enclosure is designed and fabricated to deliver NEMA rating of up to NEMA 6P. Provided with features like hinged door with gasket and latch for security, our aluminum box waterproof can be delivered with any custom surface finish like black powder-coated finish and natural brushed aluminum finish.  

IP rated Enclosure Box
IP rated Enclosure Box

At JCL we also offer IP rated weatherproof enclosures boxes like IP66 enclosure box, IP 68 enclosure or IP 68 terminal box, and IP 65 waterproof junction box. IP ratings are very well established and define electrical enclosures' ability to resist intrusion from electrical bodies like heat, dust, moisture and pressure. So JCL emphasizes more of developing metal enclosures with defined IP rating.

Advantages of Using Waterproof Enclosures

Using waterproof enclosures for your electrical and electronic devices offers numerous advantages. They enhance the durability, reliability, and functionality of the devices present inside them by protecting it from various environmental conditions. Here are some of the key advantages of using a waterproof enclosure.

Increased Durability

Waterproof enclosures are typically made from robust materials. They are also designed to withstand harsh conditions. Their robust materials and excellent design increase their durability and expected life. They also protect equipment against water and also against dust, dirt, and other particulates that could damage the electronics inside.

Corrosion Resistance

In environments especially outdoor applications, where water exposure is a concern. There is a risk of corrosion due to salts and other chemicals in the water. As waterproof enclosures are made from materials that resist corrosion. So this thereby prolonging the life of the metal enclosure and electronic components they house.

Enhanced Safety

Waterproof enclosures by preventing water from entering the box, help reduce the risk of short circuits and other electrical failures. These failures can lead to fires, shocks, or other hazardous conditions. This is particularly waterproofing and protection from electrical shock is important in applications involving high voltages or in environments where safety is paramount.


The initial cost of waterproof enclosures might be higher than standard enclosures because of high quality materials and special design. They can be cost effective in the long run due to their high durability and life. They also reduce the need for frequent repairs or replacements due to water damage. All this can prolong the overall lifecycle of the electronic devices.

Aesthetic Integration

Almost all waterproof enclosures are designed in a way that not only increase their functionality but also make them blend well aesthetically with the environment in which they are placed. This aesthetic integration is particularly important for consumer electronics and devices used in visible locations.


Best Material Grades for Waterproof Enclosures
Best Material Grades for Waterproof Enclosures

JCL offers the entire grade domain of stainless steel and aluminum alloys for its waterproof enclosures products. It all depends on the client requirements. JCL has a range of stainless steel grades and aluminum alloys available to meet your needs. 

Following are some of the materials that are already in production.

Stainless Steel Grades for waterproof enclosures 

  • 304 Stainless Steel

  • 316 Stainless Steel

  • 316L Stainless Steel

  • 410 Stainless Steel

  • 430 Stainless Steel

For stainless steel waterproof enclosures, the 304 grade is excellent for salinity or chloride exposure whereas the 316 and 316L grades are best for marine applications and with the ability to process through welding processes respectively.

Both 410 and 430 grades of stainless steel grades for waterproof enclosures offer high corrosion resistance with excellent heat tolerance.

Aluminum Grades for waterproof enclosures

  • 5052 Aluminum

  • 6061 Aluminum

  • 6063 Aluminum

  • 7075 Aluminum

All aluminum grades shown above are used for waterproof enclosures, and they offer excellent corrosion resistance and are known for their light weight (high strength-to-weight ratio). 

These properties make aluminum alloys make them an ideal choice for durable yet lightweight enclosures. Especially for those waterproof enclosures that need to withstand various environmental conditions without significant degradation.

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Fabrication of Waterproof Enclosures

At JCL we are fully capable of fabricating any design of waterproof enclosure for our customers. Our fully developed sheet metal fabrication shop includes

Sheet Metal Cutting: JCL employs various types and sizes of sheet metal cutters. This helps to precisely cut sheets to the needed dimensions.

Sheet Metal Bending/Forming: This crucial process shapes the main body of the waterproof enclosures. At JCL we do this by using skilled workers and a range of bending and forming machines.

Sheet Metal Punching and Hardware Insertion: Punching and hardware insertion like nuts and studs are essential for assembling and securing electrical components within the waterproof enclosures.

Sheet Metal Deburring: JCL performs deburring to smooth out rough edges and sharp corners resulting from cutting, bending, and punching.


Fabrication of Waterproof Enclosures
Applications for Waterproof Enclosures

In our electrically powered world waterproof enclosures have applications in every industry and every aspect of life. Following are some the industrial applications but not the limitations for JCL waterproof junction box electrical.


  • Telecommunications

    In telecommunication these waterproof box for router are used to ensure that routers, switches, and communication modules remain operational in outdoor settings. They protect them from rain, snow, and condensation.

  • Security Systems
    Security Systems

    Waterproof junction boxes electrical are used for outdoor security applications like security cameras, access controls, and alarm systems. They help by providing protection against weather elements and tampering of electronic equipment.

  • Outdoor Lighting and Garden Equipment
    Outdoor Lighting and Garden Equipment

    Waterproof junction boxes electrical are used for lighting systems, pond pumps, and other outdoor electronics. These boxes help them to withstand rain and sprinkler systems.

  • Railway and Metro Systems
    Railway and Metro Systems

    Waterproof electrical cabinet are used to protect signaling equipment and any type of electrical components against moisture and environmental stressors in tunnels, stations, and outdoor tracks or railways and metro systems.

  • Traffic Management Systems
    Traffic Management Systems

    Weatherproof outdoor enclosures are used for traffic lights, speed cameras, and tolling systems, to safeguard them against the environmental factors like rain, snow, and direct sunlight and any type of external pressure.

  • Automation and Control Systems_copy20240515
    Automation and Control Systems_copy20240515

    Waterproof electrical cabinet are used in manufacturing plants and outdoor installation sites where they are used to protect PLCs, motor controllers, and other automation equipment from water and industrial fluids.

  • Solar Power Systems
    Solar Power Systems

    Weatherproof outdoor enclosure can be used in house solar inverters, solar batteries, and solar controllers. These boxes ensure that the electronic equipment present inside them remain dry and operational despite outdoor placement.

  • Wind Energy Systems
    Wind Energy Systems

    Waterproof junction box electrical can be used to protect electrical systems present within wind turbines. These can protect wind turbine electronics from ocean spray and precipitation, crucial for offshore installations.

  • Power Distribution
    Power Distribution

    Weatherproof outdooe enclosure are used in the power distribution sector in products like circuit breakers, switches, and transformers. These are specially necessary in those areas that are exposed to moisture and environmental pollutants.

Design Considerations for Waterproof Enclosures
Design Considerations for Waterproof Enclosures

When designing or selecting waterproof enclosures for your custom application. You need to consider several factors that influence the metal enclosure design.

IP or NEMA Rating: Determines the level of protection your product needs against ingress of solids and liquids. Examples include IP67 (completely dust-tight and protected against temporary immersion in water).

Material of the enclosure: Metal enclosure material choices include plastics such as polycarbonate and ABS but most are made from metals like stainless steel and aluminum. Material selection should be based on environment and mechanical requirements.

Thermal Management: Incorporation of cooling strategies as per your product requirements. Such as venting, fans, or heat exchangers, especially critical in sealed environments.

Size and Customization: Your design size and required customization is needed to ensure that the enclosure fits the specific dimensions of the electronic/electrical equipment while allowing for necessary connections and interfaces.

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Why JCL for your waterproof enclosure

JCL is renowned for providing high quality waterproof junction boxes, electrical and metal enclosures. High quality is essential for our clients' needs. Our high end products are designed to withstand challenging conditions and incorporate valuable features.

We offer

  • Robust materials such as aluminum alloys, steel, and stainless steel.

  • Silicone rubber gaskets at doors and weatherproof covers over openings that ensure outstanding protection from dust and liquids.

  • Our product ensures the enclosures that meet NEMA and IP standards and are UL Listed.

  • We also offer options for enhanced corrosion resistance of enclosures with NEMA 4X and submersion resistance with NEMA 6P.

  • Our custom enclosure options, including models with hinged covers or pre-made knockouts for easy connector installation.

  • Our rapid and precise customization options using our in-house machining and digital printing capabilities, complete with immediate quotes and quick delivery times.

These features underscore JCL's commitment to delivering enclosures that effectively meet the specific requirements and quality expectations of our customers.



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