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EMI Enclosure

EMI Enclosure

Did you know 7 out of 10 offices need an EMI enclosure? Our EMI enclosures shield from 30-120 dB, reducing malfunctions and distortions.

We manufacture  custom EMI-shielded enclosures from aluminum, copper, silver and steel. It is Ideal for telecommunications, aerospace, and medical technology, our enclosures guarantee equipment integrity and regulatory compliance.

Trust JCL for your EMI enclosure needs and experience precision engineering to secure your technology investments.

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Types of EMI Enclosure We Are Offering to You


  • EMI Shielded Boxes
    EMI Shielded Boxes

    We manufacture EMI-shielded boxes that can shield from 120 dB EMI/RFI for smooth performance.

  • EMI RF Shielded Tent Enclosures
    EMI RF Shielded Tent Enclosures

    Our EMI RF shielded tent can be made from polyester, silver, nickel or copper fabric, depending on your requirements. It can shield between 80-95 dB.

  • EMI Shielded Cabinet
    EMI Shielded Cabinet

    Made with stainless steel and silicons, these come with copper gaskets for further EMI shielding. They shield up to 75 dB.

Advantages of EMI Enclosure


Smooth Performance
Smooth Performance

EMI shield cans block out any EMI/RFI that can cause malfunctions and failures, like flickering monitors.

Regulatory Standard
Regulatory Standard

Our products meet standards such as MIL-STD-461 for military applications and FCC Part 15 for commercial electronics.

Environmental Sealing
Environmental Sealing

Higher IP ratings mean resistance to environmental factors, such as IP65 or IP66 which we use.

Fabrication of EMI Enclosure

Cutting: We use a CNC machine with a precision level of 0.05 mm while cutting.

Punching: Holes are made with a power press for easy screw insertion and mounting.

Bending and Forming: We bend and form using press brakes or roll forming machines with ±0.5 degree angular tolerance.


EMI Shielded Enclosures for Different Industries



Do you need IP and NEMA-rated EMI enclosures? We have them for:

1. Telephone systems

2. Base stations

3. Networking gears


If you are in the medical industry, we can provide EMI enclosures that perfectly fit your equipment such as:

1. MRIs

2. CATs

3. EMGs


We also provide EMI shielded test enclosures and EMI ventilation panels for:

1. Radar systems

2. Avionics

3. Missile systems and launchers

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The arrival of 5G internet and IOT have led to an increasing need for EMI enclosures. They ensure your devices are protected and working smoothly. You will find them in different sizes and shapes for various devices. Let us know if you are looking for EMI enclosure needs.


FAQ’s of EMI Enclosure

What Materials Are EMI Enclosures Made from?

EMI enclosures are commonly made from materials such as aluminum, steel, or copper due to their high electrical conductivity.

What are the key considerations to select an EMI enclosure?

You should lookout: shielding effectiveness, material compatibility with the environment,IP rating for environmental sealing and compliance with industry standards.


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