Metal U Brackets Applications

Metal u brackets are well about everywhere; you just have to look! What makes them so useful is their timidness and strength. Therefore, they are used in various things, such as:

  • Furniture 

  • Shelves

  • Fixtures 

  • Pipes (for supporting them)


                                             What Sheet Metals We Use

We make custom u shaped metal brackets in different sheet metals. The metal we use depends on the specific reasons why you will be using them. The sheet metals are, namely:

Steel: It is a material that is perfect for heavy-duty and, at the same time, is very affordable.

Stainless steel: It has a high corrosion resistance. Perfect for outdoor installations.

Aluminum: It can withstand a lot of weight, making it the best option for hanging items.


                                                       Production Line


JCL appoints a group of skilled workers for each task so that we can give our customers the maximum quality.

Our expert workers first cut the sheet metal into precise and accurate measurements.

Our machining team then aids in the bending and punching process, where the metal is bent into a U shape and punched where nuts and bolts should go.

Lastly, the bent and punched metal goes through a finishing process, where it is deburred, sanded, and sometimes goes through a powder coating process for coloring. 


                                                           About JCL 

JCL is a manufacturing company that has been manufacturing u bend metal brackets for wood and other metal fabrications for over two decades.

We can proudly say that we provide the best quality available in the market. 

As a company, we are constantly changing and evolving to suit our customers’ needs. Along with our team, we guarantee to give you custom metal fabrications according to your liking.

Whether you need metal u brackets on a large or small scale, we can provide them for you.

For a quote or for more inquiries, feel free to contact us today.